Bracket Racing Results 11/1/15
North East Dragway 1/8 mile 14.1 volts

1. Jim Verga Dial .758 Pontiac Grand Prix
2. Dave Brown Dial 1.111 54 Chevy
3. Lorenzo Frietze Dial 1.010 70 Chevelle

Best Light in the money round Jim Verga .001
Perfect Lights Ray Koma 1 and Lorenzo Frietze X2

Dave Brown ran his Chevy right on the Dial In. But Jim Verga was just too tough on the lights all day to be stopped. Jim left Dave sitting at the line by a .030 difference. It was enough to win by .007 . Lorenzo used a perfect light in the third place runoff. Dan could not hold his 57 Plymouth back and red lit after Lorenzo left perfect.