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Thread: Team USA win 24 hour Derby race again

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    Team USA win 24 hour Derby race again

    Team USA win 24 hour Derby race again

    This is what I can recall:

    We got the lane we wanted, lane 7, despite 'only' qualifying second. This meant we would have the four gutter lanes done by half way and have all easier lanes for the run in, our main rivals DHORC choose the opposite strategy and built up a 52 lap (12000') lead. However we began to turn that around ahead of schedule and ending up winning by about 150 laps and extending our world record by 198 laps.

    Earlier on Rick Burneson, our esteemed captain had decided he would not drive and by hour 5 I had decided the same. However by hour 19 it was decided our lead was big enough that they could risk sending me out. I drove the required minimum of 120 minutes in four equal stints, always proceeded by either of our really quick guys.

    I think I only lost the team 10 laps during my time and Rick could have drove too if he had been prepared to do the last two hours non-stop. in Typical selfless fashion he preferred that our spanner man, Brad Bowman, get his reward for yet again building the best car (21 hours on one hot stick motor for example) by finishing the race.

    What else? Car was a Tomy Turbo wide chassis with Rokar Datsun 240Z body and it ran perfectly. As well as a huge win the team broke many records for most laps in a set period and won 13 or so of the individual hours with DHORC winning the rest.

    Pictures to follow....

    Team members:

    Rick Burneson
    Tony Baldock
    Aaron Shearman
    Brad Bowman
    Deane Walpole
    David Nier

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    Great race!!!!!

    I was there to participate for the first time and it was a great race by Team USA.
    After half the time there was no doubt that they would make it!!

    For a first timer in a H0 event it was great to see the cars and of course the great track they setup there!!

    But watch out Team USA....... the Germans and Austrians might be back next year....!!-)) And this time not only two of them.....-))

    Hope to see you in Derby next year,
    Nico (the tall one with gray hair from Vorsprung DHORC Technik)


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    Congrats on the race win guys. I'm hoping to make it over maybe next year


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