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Thread: 2007 Barburner

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    Great Job guys, the slide show looks awesome. Good Job reporting Derek, I knew we would find something you were good at doing besides taking up space and breathing air.

    Ps: Good Am race too Bro... no your not dreaming....

    Special Thanks to all those who sponsored the races and came out to spite the weather.
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    Big Thanks

    To all the sponsors for their support of the 17th annual Barn Burner! All of you help make this great event. I know the racers really appreciate your generosity and support!
    GT1 Race Products LLC, Wrightway Products, Red Fox Brazil, Keystone Raceway, Balance by Beuf, J-Davis Racing, XQuisite Flowers, MHRS inc, G-Force bodies, Stupid Fast Racing Products, Ace Racing Systems, Prime Racing,
    Chubbie Racing, ERI Assoc, Rapid Raceway, Difalco Design, Whodat Slot Boxes, Koford Eng, Kamen Racing Products, ProSlot, Parma, Eagle Dist, Zap, Faas Gears, Boyt Johnson Racing, Kelly Racing Products.

    I want to thank my staff: Erkle, Chubby, Derek, Pops, Jason, and Chris Shaffer.
    Special thanks to Bill Skinner for your undying support. 17years!!

    Most of all I want to thank the RACERS, you guys make the race what it is. I can't thank all of you enough, for your help and support!!!!!!!

    Doug Bauer
    World Famous Port Jefferson Raceway
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    Congrats to all the Winners and Podium Finishers,

    Thanks to everyone for the Hard Work all of you put into making the 17th Annual Barn Burner a Great Event....

    Oh and Let me Say this.... The New Building is AWESOME Congrats on the New Space... Good Luck and Best Wishes

    So To Popa and Crew.... Ya Done GOOD...! I had a Blast... and it's always good seeing you guys.. and Thanks for making it feel like Home!

    Erkle, Chubbie, Roco, Les, Gugu, Skinner, Deerek, Popi, Popa, Kenny A., Ed G. and Special Thanks to Gil G. and of Course Big Daddy...Nuff Said!.... Thank You All.....

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