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Thread: 2007 Pro GTP Results

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    I heard that one already. Very funny because Gugu teased him bout it before they left to celebrate.
    James Grinstead


    Why so serious?

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    A few thank you's after the GTP race

    The Expert GTP race was my first ever USRA win, something I have been chasing since coming to the US. There were a few people that really made this win possible, and without them I am sure it would not have happened.

    Brian Saunders, you're the man! Between us we tested so many things and came up with a winning setup for the Parma Flexi 5. Your out of the box thinking is just amazing, and your after race celebrations are awesome Roll on the BSCRA Nats, I can't wait to work with you again (and by the way, you're welcome to borrow anything of mine anytime!). Next time I will be sure to pack a dremel with a cord so you cannot flatten it several times a day!

    Monty Ohren, some great S16C horsepower. The Wasps were probably the best choice for this track, but I just could not put up with running them again and getting passed by someone running a S16C. The Magshifter did it's job in the semi, next time I'll have more so we can run one in the main.

    Zac Grinstead, thanks for the great pit work through the main, we did it!

    To Parma, the Flexi-5 is a fantasic chassis, and with a few Saunders mods becomes and awesome flat track car.

    Jay Kisling, thanks for racing me clean and hard. Your car was so fast at the end of the race, if you had of got past me I would never have been able to pass you again. Sorry to take that one away from you, I know how long you have been trying. Your's will come soon!

    To the bouncer at Oasis, thanks for the ride home in the Hummer after the taxi never came. Brian and I may never have got back to the hotel otherwise, and probably would have frozen to death. That night does rank right up there with the night out in Spain last year

    The Pom/Kiwi connection was perfect on this day.


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