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Thread: Cobalt 12 Eurosport

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    Thumbs up Cobalt 12 Eurosport

    2007 USRA National Championships
    Wednesday, April 18, 2007
    Cobalt 12 Eurosport - 5 Entries
    Racing on Gerding Flat Track

    TQ. Jason "Bunk"Greene

    Cobalt 12 Eurosport Main - Final Results

    1. Jason Greene 815
    2. Lou Ciconni 763
    3. Thomas Burnside 760
    4. Henry Burnside 735
    5. Raymond Batchelor 587

    2007 USRA Scale Nats Photo Gallery - CLICK HERE
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    Congrats to the podium winners, especially "Bunk"! Now with two championships under your belt, you'd better be careful trying to walk through the door... you might bang yer head!

    I had the honor of marshalling the donut for that race and watching Jason build up a huge lead. That car was on rails for sure!
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