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Thread: 1/24 Eurosport

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    Quote Originally Posted by 86ed once again
    Well here are the podium spots
    1st Greg Gilbert
    2nd Chris Radisich
    3rd Brian Saunders
    Is this REALLY "official", afterall Gawronski wasn't there
    Sorry, old joke . . . great job to all the Left Coast racers.
    Congratulations to Greg and Chris on the podium finish!

    Mike K
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    Super fast C-12

    "We were going to run the C-12 until he ripped the one side pan clean off the car."


    Is there by chance a tech sheet on the various classes competed there at the Nats? Nice to know what brand chassis and motors were used so I can go out and buy some.

    What Euro chassis and motor did your son use in his winning car?
    ~DC dynamo~

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    A few thank you's for 1/24th Eurosport

    Congratulations Greg, it was one hell of a race! I know how long you have been trying for this one, and I really am happy you finally achieved it ( I really am). I really enjoyed racing with you, and thanks for racing me hard and clean. No matter who was or wasn't there, that was a world class pace. Congratulations again, and you have given me the incentive to work even harder for next year (and to try and find a way to Slovakia if possible)

    To Brian Saunders, thank you mate for all your help, it was a pleasure working with you throughout the Nats in the various classes. You definitely bought some fresh thinking and ideas to the table, and have given me a lot to work on in the future. Your 24th Euro chassis is simply awesome, the best car I have ever driven. Sorry it had to be me that you ran into to break your motor out, otherwise I am sure it would have been a 3 way fight to the end. Go team BSP! (Look for more BSP performance parts soon)

    Fred Hood, as always great to be working with you. You have taught me so much over the last few years, and racing with you is always fantastic. Thanks for the loan of the motor, it was as awesome as Brians chassis, and almost got the job done. Thanks also for the great pit work throughout the A main. We led it for 7 1/2 heats, next time we'll make it the full 8.

    Monty Ohren, fantastic euro armatures. They were fast and smooth in practice, and would have been the race motors if the rubber had not come up as much as it did. We'll get some more miles on them and they will be even faster!


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