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Thread: My 2007 USRA Scale Nats Experience

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    My 2007 USRA Scale Nats Experience

    I really enjoyed myself at the USRA 2007 Scale Nats. As a rookie Nats attendee, I was thrilled at the chance to race with and learn from some of the outstanding Scale drivers (and builders) from around the globe. While everyone, including me, was impressed with the incredible skills and poise of Gugu, Brian, Greg, the Burnside Boys, etc., I was perhaps more impressed with the kindness and camaraderie shown by many of the lesser known personalities.

    My thanks go to Lou C. and Mark G. for their commitment and efforts. Whether you agree or disagree with their philosophy, anyone who has ever organized an event of this scope understands the huge amount of work and responsibility required. They deserve our admiration.

    I am not a frequent poster on this forum but I have been reading many OWH threads since making my decision to attend this year’s Nats. I guess I am just old fashioned but my mother always told me, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” It did take me a long time to recognize her wisdom.

    I must thank my two slot car mentors, Lou Pirro and Lee Gilbert. Both of these gentlemen are truly outstanding in their field and willing to teach those who will listen.

    Lastly, a bright spot in the five days that I was in attendance was Jason Greene. Jason consistently helped out with everything from doing the grunt work to giving driving lessons and marshalling for us practicers. My only disappointment was not adding to the number of racers in the Eurosport field.

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    Second That

    I would like to second what he said.

    Mark and Lou put on a great show and I thought the Hotel race was great. Space and power were available. Food and restaurants other then the Hotel’s were close and overall a great experience. I’m a true amateur and found that I had learned more in the two days I was there then I have in the past year. I had a great time racing spending some time with my father it was worth every penny.

    I would like to thank Mark G for his help and suggestions and also Lou for getting my Nascar body to pass tech. Jason G for helping my dad pit my car even through I picked the wrong tires which caused for some very loose handling. And Dale Granger he was a great help with setting up my Cheetah 7 chassis. Howard the 3rd eye guy great meeting you and the troller is GREAT. And as soon as I can save some more pennies my Hudy tire truer is going to get a Knob Job and Screw Job. That product is just what the Hudy needs. Even through my results don’t show a very good showing I went down for the experience and to learn. I also was introduced to some great guys.

    I would have posted pictures but like most people there that were getting ready to race you get caught up in tuning and racing that I kept forgetting to take pictures ( Sorry Tony I know I told you I would try).

    This race has reenergized my passion for this Hobby and can’t wait to race again.

    Thanks again Mark and Lou you guys did a great job in humble opinion.
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