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Thread: Thank you to the racers!

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    Thank you to the racers!

    It's taken a few days to get feelin normal, and to reflect on the nats races.

    I first want to thank everyone that attended the race,The Nat's wouldn't be the Nat's without all the regulars,First timers and long lost friends

    Gugu, Thanks for keeping it fun! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time Also thanks for helping Bunk when I was to busy to. He can't stop talking about his new friend Gugu from Brasil.

    Marybeth,What can I say,You are great! Next time it's the big bottle!

    Jason "Bunk" Greene Where to begin? You were very nervous going into this race. I tried to tell you,No need. You've worked side by side with me for the last 2 years,a oppertunity I wouldn't trade for anything! You have race directed the best in the north east/mid atlantic and now the best in the U.S.,You've done a great job each and every time you get behind the computer! Now the National title thing, I knew you could do it!!!!

    SteveDee, John V,Jimmy,Stone everyone that helped move set up and tear down the tracks. Thank you!!!!! I couldn't have done it with out you all.

    Tony Moore and Jim Grinstead, you two guys are the hero's of the event,with out the two of you guys,we'd have nothing but fuzzy picture's and late results

    Lou Cicconi,Here's the big one! With out you none of this great time would have been possible! It's nice to know I have a friend like you,I value that greatly! Thank You!!!!

    The family Burnside, I say again,Any raceway you guys walk into is lucky to have you in the facility! Your some of the nicest folks in slot racing.

    Mark and Rick Keefer, You guys have always been a big help to me,Thank you and I hope you both had as much fun as it looked like you were having!

    Dustin Morris, Haven't known you all that long,but you are sure to be another fast guy to deal with! Keep pluggin away!

    Les Wright,Steve Koepp,Gugu,Terry Kelly,Brian Saunders,Howard Smith,Bill Skinner,anyone I missed, I applaud you guys for showing up and supporting the industry and the racers.

    Anyone I missed, Sorry,Too much typing

    Again Thank you All!
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] Quit cryin and act like a MAN!!!

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    Mark glad to hear things went well with your Nats. We all know it takes special people to put on major events at this level. So much work and not many thanks for an endless job. As you know I currently only promote on a small scale and trust me I understand all about the never ending load of work that goes on. Sorry I could make it down to see this event, but you know how my work is at this time.Yes Jason is a very good young director ,be very proud of this young man. I was thrilled to hear about his class win, I know he has worked very hard for that. Again I congratulate him on a job well done. Now we must focus on future plans for a drag event and whatever else you want to do. If I don't see you before ,I 'll see you on the 5th. Again one hell of a job with the Nats. Poppa Rat
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