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Thread: It's Finally Sinking In

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    It's Finally Sinking In

    Slot Dudes,

    I purposely waited a few days, almost a week to post anything as far as thanking people and all that because I have been so completely overwhelmed by FINALLY winning the 1/24 Euro National Championship.
    At my firt Nats in 99 in Boise I was eleted to have made the 1/24 Euro main. That's nine attempts, three seconds in a row followed by what I have considered poor performances the last three years.
    Winning 1/32 in that runaway with the best 1/32 car I have driven since Mineral Ridge was a rush and would have been enough to put me on cloud nine but winning both was an absolute shock to my senses. The flood of E-mails and phone calls has been amazing.

    Of course I have to thank Lee Gilbert first. A half hour befor the 1.32 race Lee offered me Herman's back up car and after I tried it I had to race it. I had my new Saunders car, an amazing car, going super fast and was actually quite confident. The Speedshop/Horky I got from Lee was as fast but braindead easy to drive. Even at tech height. No vices. Not one. Perfect.
    Having the best car along with some amazing racing Luck is hard to beat.

    I also have to thank Lee for the great 1/24 car. It was not dominant. It was just fast enough and just durable enough. Lee saved my race when he stapled the body back together after I hit a car on the straight and ripped it.

    Thanks Herman James for your great pitwork, moral support and freindship as well as the loan of the 1/32 F-1.

    Thanks to Mark and Lou for putting on a great Nats. I regret I didn't get to race on the big track. The little Gerding road course is the most wonderful, perfect track in all of slot racing. My finger is still sore.
    The whole hotel thing worked out perfectly for me. I found the prices reasonable. The food was incredible. Service was slow but knew it wouldnt make any difference whether I got mad or not so I just chilled, sat back and took it easy. They had the best wings I ever tasted.

    Thanks Brian Saunders for the technical support. You were very helpful when I was trying to get my GT-12 going. With the changes you suggested and your resoldering of the guide tounge it was truly a great car. I'm sorry I didn't race it. I was just more comfortable with the heft of the Asp on that track. I just didn't have time to adapt to the feel of the car. I guess you proved your point, you beat me in the main. Your sportmanship and clean driving were much apreciated. Congrats on your 1/32 F-1 national Championship.

    Chris Radisich, thank you for the great competition, sportsmanship and clean driving. Congrats on your GTP win and national Championship. Welcome to the club.
    You get faster every time I race against you.

    Thanks to Dan Miller for the great PK arms and to Beuf for the incredible balancing.

    Gugu, I have to say you were one of the biggest reasons I won 1/24 Euro. The little pep talk you gave me after the fifth heat convinced me I could win the race. I needed that little push. remember, I only won by a lap.

    Jonathan Forsyth, great job. You day is coming. Be patient, it took me nine trys.

    Last but not least, Paul Gawronski. Thanks for talking me into coming and then not showing up.

    It was great. I'll be walking on air for a while still. The fact that it took so long and I came so close so many times just makes it that much better.

    The monkey is finally off my back.

    Greg G.
    How Sweet It Is!!!!!

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    You ran one hell of a race in 1/32 euro, that car just looked so nice and easy to drive. It reminds me of the car that Lee let me use at the ISRA Nats at Mineral Ridge this year. Congrats.

    In the 1/24th race..boy was that close. You did an awesome of hanging on there at the end to edge Chris by 1 lap and Brian by 4.

    BTW, thanks for loaning me the 1/32 euro car. If i had to loose to anyone, who better to loose to than the car owner, and now you can say you had 2 cars finish in the top 2

    It was great to meet you and congrats on your wins again.

    PS - Check your PMs.
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