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Thread: 2007 Nats Thank You

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    2007 Nats Thank You

    Now that I am almost all caught up on things, I figured I would finnaly post something.

    First off I would like to compliment Mark Greene and Lou Cicconi, who put on the best Nats I have ever attended. They provided quality tracks and had plent of inventory. Also by putting the event in a hotel was great.

    I have to thank Chicky, Steve Koepp, and all of Parma. You guys are such a help and a class organization. I love racing for you guys.

    I also want to thank Green Flag raceway for everything they do for me.

    The Burnside family as always a great help. Plus an awesome family to race with and be around.

    Lou Pirro is the man when it comes to Euros. Lots of help and great work on my euro program. Wish I could make it to his Birthday race.

    Also thank you to Howard from 3rd Eye. I love using the 3rd Eye Controller, and it was defiantly a big Nats for 3rd Eye technology.

    I would like to thank Brian Saunders for giving me a 12 chassis the night before the race, that ended up being incredible, sorry I couldn't get the job done this year though.

    Also a thank you to Duran always a help at the Nats.

    Congrats to the winners Greg finnaly winning the big one, Chris getting your first Nats title, Duran, and Biscuit kicking everyones a**, you are definatly one heck of a racer.

    As always love racing with you guys, especially the ones I don't see to often like Jay Kisling and Jerry Herbert. You guys are great to race with and I can't wait for the ISRA Nats to race some more with you guys.

    Lots of fun as always and another great experiance, sorry if there was anyone I missed.

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