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Thread: Amateur Radio Operators

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    If you had enough RF you could probably run a slot car when keying the mic. Lol
    Bob Fellows

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    Or vice versa, Bob. Maybe if I were to connect my controller's red wire to the mic keying switch...

    Since my first post on this topic, I've grown to truly respect the capabilities and the enthusiasm of HAM operators. They're a unique bunch who serve a uniquely important role in times of trouble. Plus, it's kinda cool talking to someone in the Caribbean during a hurricane, thinking that it could make its way to our East Coast in a matter of days. And the airwaves don't cost you anything. HAM radio: the original and "lower-tech Skype."

    Best to all,
    Jim Beasley

    "All the problems we face in the United States today can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the American Indian."
    Pat Paulson, ca. 1968

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    Hehehe ....... I'm a pirate run a old 101 valve jobbie in the 80's in dads shed. Had a v quad 5/8 ground plain and a yagi beam on a tower and rotator ...... Had all intentions of getting a full call but never got round to it......I used to talk to you guys when the skip was red hot ..... I was in Sydney Australia ........ Called myself the 308 from down under ......

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