that's what separated Les Wright and Beuf Pedersen. After driving for 40 minutes at speeds so high it's easier to follow the action on a computer monitor than it is to watch the real thing

4 seconds...

The difference between the top step on the podium and the rest of the field.

4 seconds...

4 races were won or depending on your place in it, lost, by seconds yesterday. Adam Kirchoffer got to watch as his small lead disappeared in the last 4 seconds of his race, his motor was gone, magnets knocked loose, he missed the move up by about 4 feet.

4 seconds...

That's about all the time Les Wright had to give away when his gear broke in the final heat of the semis, he hung on to make the main only to lose it to Beuf by another 4 seconds.

4 seconds...Stephan Thornfeldt lasted just about twice that long in his Grp 27 race, got caught up in a crash, broke a chassis and that was it. 5 thousand miles, couple of thousand dollars in expenses and it was over. He won a moral victory later when his racing partner Mikael Silen used one of his motors to win the Grp. 27 Pro race.

4 seconds.

John E.