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Thread: 2007 USRA Wing Car Nats - Schedule

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    2007 USRA Wing Car Nats - Schedule

    Following is the schedule for the 2007 USRA Wing Car Nats


    The TRACK
    16806 Oakmont Ave.
    Gaithersburg, Md. 20877-4110


    Saturday, August 4th
    - Spec 15

    Sunday, August 5th
    - Am Group 12

    Monday, August 6th
    - Pro Group 12

    Tuesday, August 7th
    - International 15, followed by
    - Cobalt 12*

    Wednesday, August 8th
    - Practice
    - USRA Annual Meeting
    - Geezer Group 7 Open** at 5PM

    Thursday, August 9th
    - One Motor Open

    Friday, August 10th
    - Group 27 Amateur & Pro

    Saturday, August 11th
    - Semi Pro Group 7 Open

    Sunday, August 12th
    - Pro Group 7 Open

    * C-12 will Start on the 7th and conclude on the 8th if required.
    ** Geezer will start on the 8th and conclude on the 9th if required

    The Old Weird Herald is please to announce that we will be once again providing our "Almost Live" USRA Nats coverage, thanks to the help of OWH "Cub Reporter" "DDDDDDerek" Valez, who will be on site at the Nats to post race results and photos.

    Please note that there will not be broadband internet access at the race site, so be patient with the posting of the results, as we will be sharing the use of the phone line used for credit card processing. Photos may have to be posted later from a home or hotel broadband connection, as it is would take too long to upload pictures on a dial-up connection on-site.

    Also keep in mind that "DDDDDDerek" is also a wing car racer, and the races which he will be competing or pit crewing in will most likely be posted a bit late, as time permits. Those of us who could not be there in person will need to keep this in mind, and appreciate that DDDDDDerek will have a busy schedule and I'm sure he will do the best that he can. Derek has been a BIG help to OWH in providing and helping with race coverage on several occassions, so I am very pleased that he has offered to be the OWH Reporter at this year's USRA Wing Car Nats.

    I'll be providing support by playing "Producer" and "Host" this year, manning the controls back at OWH HQ in Tacoma, WA, to bring you OWH's "Almost 3,000 Miles Away" Nats coverage.

    Paul Kassens
    OWH "Mom"
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