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Thread: Wednesday August 8th, 2007. Amateur Cobalt 12's

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    Wednesday August 8th, 2007. Amateur Cobalt 12's

    Wednesday August 8th 2007. Amateur Cobalt 12's

    12 Entries

    Concours - Kenny Richins

    TQ: Jim Spove - 1.820 (New Track Record)

    Results of the B-Semi:

    1) John Davis Jr. - 416
    2) Jim Patterson - 401
    3) Shelby Thomas - 396
    4) Scott Smith - 395
    5) Tony Thomas - 374
    6) Trace Bowden - 373

    Results of the A-Semi:

    1) Tony Hobart - 411
    2) Jim Spove - 409
    3) Jeff Bechtel - 406+
    4) Chris Conklin - 406
    5) Jeff Jones - 394
    6) Kenny Richins - 377

    Line-up for the Main:

    Red - Scott Smith
    White - Tony Hobart
    Green - Chris Conklin
    Orange - Jeff Bechtel
    Blue - Jim Paterson
    Yellow - Shelby Thomas
    Purple - John Davis Jr.
    Black - Jim Spove

    Results of the Main:

    1) John Davis Jr. - 621 (New Track Record)
    2) Scott Smith - 620
    3) Tony Hobart - 618
    4) Jim Patterson - 611
    5) Shelby Thomas - 603
    6) Jeff Bechtel - 601
    7) Jim Spove - 594
    8) Chris Conklin - 581


    I would like to thank our sponsers Boyt Johnson Racing & Rich Curnutte
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    Congrats to Tony Hobart for his podium finish.

    You ran AM????? Getthefuggouttahere.
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    Hey just got back

    thanks MG and yes I am an am (huh?)
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    World Record

    If im not mistaken, The 621 laps JD Jr put up is a world record, Ive never been more proud of my son for what he did in this race, it was perfect. After some tough luck in the I-15 race I told him you only get one shot at this. Before the race started I told him that there was enough horse power in the box to win, but hed have to earn it, My hat goes off to Scott Smith and Tony Hobart, You two are one class act, In the last heat all 3 of you guys were in a lap of each other and you raced clean to the end, Being that its the NATS, alls fair in love and war. Winning C-12 means that my son is now a pro (at least one of us are) and I dont have to get to the track at 7Am to test Am-box Thnx kid, Now its on to Pro-box,Pro I-15 then pro C-12 good luck to you. J.D. Sr.
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