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    Where To Start

    First Off I would like to thank Derek for giving me a ride there and back to the nats and for helping me do whatever i asked for, i couldnt have done it without you bro

    Roman, JD, Mimi, Nan, Lem You guys put one hell of a show on, i had sucha great time thanks for all the hard work you put it to make this nats one of the best, i will deffinitly be back when you guys have a race next.

    The Guys from portjeff, erkle, doug, skinner, larry, sohls, you guys made me the racer i am today, if it wasnt for the competition at portjeff i wouldnt even be racing. Thanks So much again

    The Canadians, Brad And Waller, You guys are a blast, Brad thanks for pitting my OMO car, I couldnt have done it without you either, ill see you guys soon hopefully.

    Many Thanks to whoever cleaned my lane braid, JD You did one hell of a job cleaning my lane and keeping me calm, it was great seeing you as weel, JD Jr, Derek, Scott smith, Mike Iga.

    Richard curnutte, thanks for gluing me lane in the qrts and semi's in pro G7, you deffinitly know how to glue a track, thanks very much

    Stu koford of Koford Engineering, Thanks For Making Great products and puttin the time in to make everything perfect,i also ran koford rims with thunder rubber, you by far have the best stuff in slotcar racng, thanks

    skinner thanks for the tires, thunder rubber was unreal at the nats, ran them in OMO and Pro G7 , thanks so much skinner for putting the time in to make sucha great tire, ill see you soon, and btw thanks for gluing my lane in the main for G7

    Last But not least, Beuf, you stayed up all night finishing my stuff, i apricitate everything you've done from day 1, you balancing, building is unbelievable i couldnt have done it without you, thanks for everything and ill talk to you soon

    If i left anything else please add it in for me, im still very tired, thanks to all who were rooting for me and ill see you guys next year in Texas

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    Congratulations, Joe, for both a superb race performance and a very handsome and gracious thank you.
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    It was worth it to help you bro. You worked hard on not only your program but helped me with my am-group 12 program. If it wasnt for your help in my race I wouldn't have gotten my finishing position.

    You deservered this win.
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    Hey Chubbie- I see you got your props from JPVR. Nice.
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