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Thread: 2007 Nats Testimonials Thanks

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    2007 Nats Testimonials Thanks

    Just wanted to thank some of the people who helped make my 2007 NATS A GREAT EXPERIENCE. Special thanks to everyone at THE TRACK, Roman, Mimi, Nan and Mrs. Nan(any chance to get the recipe for the curry chicken?), JD, Gugu and the Grinsteads. The track power and conditions were great. Real air-condtioning too! Thanks to everyone who helped others by cleaning braid and straights or gluing. My helpers included Zach Holley, Mike Holley, Daryl Bonsecure who I was able to hold off in the B semi (if he had another 45 seconds he would have caught me) congrats to Alan,Zach,JD jr, DDDDEREK(you cracked me up, great job on the reporting for mom), Cliff,JT and Doug for making the main on his first NATS. Everyone raced fairly and cleanly. Sorry for Kenny Anderson, your horsepower was awesome. Thanks to the fast guys who would wait to pass in the straights! Like it should be. Thanks to Mike Simcox for motors and pit work. Thanks Ron Hershman(FAST ONES / OUTASIGHT), Terry Watson, Garry Hayworth, Mike Whited. Many of you know me but for those who don't a short history.I am not a builder, sure I can solder a motor in, I have built "a " body that held together.(I wouldn't trust it in a race) I don't have the patience or ability it takes to build and be competitive.This task has been taken care of by my friend of 25 years Rande Marshall (RPM). His cars are allways among the fastest and best handling. His ability to know when and how to tighten up or loosen up by different body or tires amazes me. My NATS car is wht kept me in the move-ups. Our horsepower this year was down compared to the other guys. JD I could have won with your horsepower! Randes competitive nature makes him a little on the edge at times. This is the case with most of us. His softer side, I've seen him let a new kid at the track use a brand new car with motor and pit it for him. He never expected anything in return except to see him smile. I don't want to get too mushy but it's hard to show how much I appreciate everything Rande has done to make me and others better racers. Thanks Rande!!! Hope to see you all next year!!!! MERRELL TODD P.S. JF I hope the grammar is acceptable Now add your testimonial !!!
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    Even though I just popped in to hang out for a few days, I had a great time as well.

    It was good to see everyone (you all haven't changed a bit). I spent about half the time explaining why I haven't raced in a while and the other half being talked back into it.

    I brought a friend who's a notorious gear head and speed freak (which pretty much makes him a perfect candidate for Speed Crazed Moron-hood), and he was of course hooked. It was no accident that we arrived to see the Gp 7 races.

    He plans to race Spec 15 at the N.E. Nats, and I'll probably get a 15A program together by then too, and run OMO with one of the few Open mills I have left. It'll be good to have a new inductee.

    I saw Paul Cheerchuck for the first time an ages, and finally met Ron Herrera who was very cool and complimentary.

    I got to bend Skinner's car back into shape a million times during the Pro race too. I forgot how much fun that was....uh huh.

    The folks at The Track did a great job..the food was good, the air was cool, and the atmosphere was great. Great race directing too.

    Thanks guys.
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