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Thread: North American Masters - Day One 02/08/2008, Pseudo-Live Coverage is here

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    North American Masters - Day One 02/08/2008, Pseudo-Live Coverage is here

    The Dan Artman Memorial Trophy- Awarded to the highest overall finisher in all ISRA Classes.

    In September 2007, Dan Artman, owner of Raceway Hobby's in Mineral Ridge Ohio (Site of the 2007 ISRA North American Championships), died of a heart attack while caring for his aged mother.

    Dan's cooperation and help allowing Roger Schmitt, Jeff Goldberg and myself to attend the 2007 North American Championships were instrumental in the creation of the 2008 North American Masters.

    Dan was an ardent supporter of ISRA-style scale racing, he definitely had some "quirks" in his personality (who doesn't? or as "Sano" Dave Fielder has been known to say to me: "There's something wrong with youse!") but he was a friendly man who deep in his heart wanted people who attended races at his facility to feel that they were welcome and that they leave feeling satisfied having had "fun". I feel Dan was keenly aware that when all of the "politics" and so forth is put aside, we are all just grown men playing a game with electric toy cars.

    In that spirit, the organizers and sponsors of the 2008 ISRA/USA Masters have established the Dan Artman Memorial Trophy. This trophy will be awarded to the racer completing the most number of laps in all of the ISRA racing classes held during the 2008 Masters.

    Much like the Borg-Warner Trophy is kept at the Indianapolis Motor Speeday "Hall of Fame" museum, this trophy will be on display at Mid-America Raceway and Hobbies. A plaque with the 2008 winner's name and lap total will be inscribed and affixed permanently to the trophy base.

    Good luck gentlemen- and hopefully Dan Artman's spirit will smile on you as he looks on this event from Slot Racers heaven (where the power is always clean and there are no "riderrrrrr" calls).

    Day One - Event One
    1/32 Production - 22 Entries

    1/32 Production Qualifying Spreadsheet

    TQ - Kevin Van Pelt

    Racing Results - 1/32 Production

    Day One - Event One Race Results - Final

    1st - "Sano" Dave Fiedler
    2nd - George Russel
    3rd - GuGu "Red Fox"

    Dave's Winning Car:

    Chassis - JK Cheetah /32 2008
    Motor - JK Falcon VII
    Tires - JK
    Guide - Red Fox "The Blade" red
    Body - BPA Reynard paint by DS
    Gears - GT-1
    Controller - 3rd Eye Renegade

    Thank you to JK Products for sponsoring this race! Thank you Jerry Kulich for taking time to attend the 2008 North American Masters; we sure appreciate all you do for Chicago racers and slot racing in general.
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