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    North American Masters - Day Three

    Day Three - Event One

    1/32 TSR IROC Races
    Sponsored by True Scale Racing and Scale Auto Racing Magazine

    Concours: PdL (He Painted all the cars!)

    TQ: Howie Ursaner (he practiced the most!!!!)

    Race Result:

    1st: John Tore Anderson
    2nd: Howie (missed it by this much) Ursaner
    3rd: PdL

    TSR IROC Race Spreadsheet

    Thank you to True Scale Racing for providing the cars and equipment and sponsoring this race. It was nearly as much fun as the Toyota Celebrity races held at the Long Beach Grand Prix annually.

    Race Organisers... consider a TSR IROC for your next major event! If for no other reason than it is so much fun.
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