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Thread: Post Masters thoughts and lessons learned.

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    Smile Post Masters thoughts and lessons learned.


    First I want to thank all of the participants who made the effort to make it to the North American Masters in spite of some freaky weather in the Chicago area and in middle America in general.

    I hope that you felt that your efforts were worth it and that you had a good time at Middle America's home for ISRA and D3(tm) style flat track racing.

    Someone asked where the 2009 Masters will be held. I had to chuckle... that's like asking where the 2009 Daytona "500" will be held.

    That having been said most sincerely, I want to thank Laura and Roger Schmitt for their commitment to slot racing and the effort that they put into hosting this event. There were many preparatory and behind the scenes things that all had to be planned, coordinated and executed perfectly to make the sort of quality event that you experienced (either in person or here on the pages of OWH!)

    Also a big hand and round of applause to our sponsors, especially Electric Dreams, True Scale Racing, Pro Slot, Red Fox, and Scale Racing America who not only sponsored awards for races, but sent representatives to present the awards! Our sponsors keep slot racing going and anything that you can do to support them is appreciated.

    As some of you know, I work for a company that is Federally regulated; the Food and Drug Administration came in unannounced on Thursday at 4 PM Feburary 7th. The FDA has the right to conduct an audit at any time, for any reason, and to stay as long as they wish. If they feel that they are not getting the answers they want as quickly as they want, they have the right to shut down operations, seize product, conduct recalls and bring in armed Federal marshals if they deem it appropriate.

    On top of this, a member of my immediate family is facing surgery this coming week and since both my natural father and stepfather have long since passed on, I am the head of my household and must "be there for" my siblings.

    On top of THAT, my boss has been out of the office since Jan 1 having been diagnosed with testicular cancer and is now on his first round of chemotherapy. This does not help being short staffed while we are in the middle of an FDA audit.

    There are about 6 other crisis situations that I am dealing with at the moment as well as trying to secure high profile sponsorship for 2 teams in the upcoming Plafit Panamerican Championships (think: the magazine with the bunny on the cover).

    I don't say this to boo-hoo feel sorry for me, I say this to apologize to anyone that I was short with, forgot to do something that I had promised you that I would do or anything of that nature. I didn't mean to do whatever it is that I did and I hope that you will please forgive me. In particular I got on Rob Hanson's case- Rob I will personally apologize to you when I see you next and I hope we can talk about what happened. You got caught in the crossfire of something else that was going on and I am deeply sorry that it happened.

    OK- several people asked me for copies of the Heat-by-Heat results for the races. I have the ability to scan them and e-mail them to anyone who is interested. Please send an e-mail to me at My Personal E-mail stating:

    What class you are interested in (IE: 1/24 Eurosport)
    What race you are interested in (IE: "A" Main)

    I will send the PDF copies of the heat-by-heat results to you as soon as possible by return e-mail. Please note that as I mentioned above, I have a full plate so it may be 24-48 hours before you get your reply. Please be patient, I promise that I will get them to you as soon as humanly possible.

    DO NOT send requests by PM. Send race sheet requests by E-mail (use the link above).

    Unfortunately OWH does not support file attachments over 100K so I was going to attach a sample but they average around 200K.

    You'll have to trust me that they are high quality 300 dpi PDF files done on a Canon MP380 scanner.

    If anyone else has thoughts or comments about the event, I would encourage you to post them here.
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    The Multi Tasker Supreme

    Well MG, if you had all these crises going, it was completely transparent to me as you were the supreme "get it done" guy at The Masters! I'm really sorry to hear you're going through such a rough patch in life outside of slot cars, but I hope the weekend at Mid America took some of the edge off. I'd have to agree we should return to Mid America next winter, but somebody tell the weather to stop being so silly. Herman and I stayed at AmericInn along with several others. I still can't believe how little we paid for this place, it was a great place to stay! Roger and Laura have one of the best raceways I've ever been to, and I enjoyed every lap on the flat track except the ones where I ran into unexpected difficulties Thanks so much for emailing me the heat by heat print outs for 1/24 Euro, I learned a lot by analyzing it. Again, many thanks MG, hope to see you again soon and all the other racers I enjoyed so much last weekend.

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    A superb event!

    It was wonderful to see Mid-America Raceway packed with racers...and even more amazing considering how few Chicago locals chose to participate.

    After two days of solid racing, I was completely fried...that's why I bailed out Saturday night and Sunday. How you, Laura and Roger kept it all together for all three days and nights, I'll never know.

    All I know is that I'm already looking forward to next year's event...and will stay in a nearby hotel to better enjoy things.

    I didn't realize how much you had going on outside of slot racing...but when you feel like you're getting caught up, Mary Ann and I would enjoy an evening of martinis and jazz at Pete Miller's with you.

    JayGee Racing Controllers - 24 Bands of Bliss

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    Thumbs down

    Since the only car I have that I could race there was the Can AM D3, it didn't make to much sense to go.
    How many locals have all the other high priced 1/32 scale cars that were raced there? I didn't see but mabe two or three and one of them ran a borrowered car at that
    Also didn't feel like building a new vintage F1 just because you choose not to run the rules that are being run else were. Had you elected to run the rules the rest us are running under, I beleive you might have had an over whelming turn out for the two vintage classes.
    Maybe it's time, like the IRL and Champ car guys are doing, to look at ALL the racers in the area and the rules that we SHOULD ALL be running under.
    But if you still elect you go off on your own and run two classes under rules that are only being run at ONE other track that is a LONG way from Chicago, then the local turn out will be just like you had for this race.
    Bob Oaks
    Remember these are just toy cars

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    And, it sounds like things will be getting even more 'interesting' (confused?), as M.G. hinted in another post of a "D-3 USA"...

    The IRRA is already up and running. The logical question to ask is: Do we need another 'national' retro group?

    It is my understanding that D-3 was invited to participate in the initial IRRA combine at last years SANO, but declined, citing that they were just interested in doing their own thing and having fun at BP with old friends.

    Many, me included, respected that decision.

    However, the recent D-3 'sanctioning' of a race half-way accross the country raised some eye brows, given the political climate of Chicago slot car racing. A get-back because the 'other' track and its owner is heavily involved in the IRRA? The D-3 spokesperson claimed otherwise, BUT...

    Now, comes the rumor of the formation of a "D-3 USA"... ????

    Gentlemen: Time to look in the mirror and ask yourself.... "Is this good for the overall health of the hobby?"

    There is NO reason for two national retro groups.

    The average racer doesn't care who originated the retro concept...

    Check the ego (both sides) at the door, and sit down and come up with a single group and set of rules.

    Time to place the political in-fighting on the back burner, and concentrate on playing with the toy cars.

    Larry Mattingly

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Scale Series
    Granted I don't deny that I don't contribute to Internet arguments or trash talk.

    I can look at D3 and IRRA rules and see things that I agree with and things that I don't. I don't agree with the IRRA having the OS long and JK Ti22 being legal. How long before the whole field is running those two bodies? I don't agree with D3 with that Arbarth body. I wasn't even born when the cars cars were being raced or in this example not raced. To me it's a cool vintage body that looks similar, yet doesn't have any aero advantage to any on the D3 legal body list. Yes, I look in my Can-Am book and it's not in there but a GT40 is? I don't get the Red Fox bodies not being legal. Sure they have molded in drivers, but how hard would it be to have an asterisk next to the body stating "must cut out molded in driver"? To me the differences appear that they could be worked out over a lunch or dinner with two parties willing to compromise?

    What an amazing concept!!!

    Larry Mattingly

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    Post Masters Thoughts

    Still feeling the buzz two weeks later!

    Absolutly the best race I have attended in the 3 years I have been racing slots. Getting to meet some of the legends from BACK IN THE DAY, racing with them on the best Gerding flat track in the country, and seeing the biggest non-stop smile on Dave "Sano" Fiedlers face was priceless.

    MG, you are the best! Thank you for your dedication and promotion of our hobby, you make a big difference to us everyday.

    Lou Pirro and Dave Schluter, a big thank you for bringing ISRA racing to us here in the midwest, I am definatly hooked!

    Thank you Roger & Laura for your committment to providing us with a 1st class raceway, and bringing to it, some of the best racing and racers from around the country. I will continue to be a most greatful customer!

    And finally to the couple dozen or so local racers that chose not to look a little deeper in your car boxes for those Northern Illinois Falcon Series cars you all still have, that could have easily been converted to legal ISRA cars in 5 of the 8 classes, you all missed a great time, hope your weekend racing was as fun as ours, it certainly could not have been as memorable!

    Kevin VanPelt


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