This has been a great year!!! The wife and kids are doing fine and allowing thier Dad to play with his slot cars.Goal from the past are finally being achieved and I am still having fun. Thanks to the SCR crew for adopting me and treating me as one of thier own.(Frank, I love you man!!!).Thanks to Fred Hood for being my slot father for all these 35+ years. Thanks to "Pops" Pearson (RIP) for inspiring me.Thanks to the International slot car superstars for allowing a mere mortal like me to stand in the sunshine of glory if only for a moment. Thanks to the Speedshop Crew for all the hard work and R&D work over the years, and last but certainly not least, Lee Gilbert with out him and his un-ending work and preperation this year may not have happened. If I have missed anyone i apologize. you were not forgotten its just i need to help my son with his batting practice.