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Thread: 2008 Flat Track Worlds in Chicago July 18-20

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    My not racing at Paradise has nothing to do with me NOT WANTING to do so.
    You need to contact not only the owners for their side of the story, but also some of the people that race/raced there when I was still able to get in the place for their side
    You need to hear the WHOLE story from both sides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bob Oaks
    Remember these are just toy cars

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    I wasn't there because of the high air fare costs involved

    But I WILL get there one day

    "Rules are written by FEAR; and that Racers are motivated by the Fear that somebody may have something that gives others an Edge." - Rocky Russo

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    Why Take the Time to Post?

    Ken, my point was that if you like to race slot cars you missed a good race. Of course if you don't like slot car racing you didn't miss a thing. Any idiot knows that!

    Why take the time to post on a slot car forum if you no longer like slot cars? Sounds like you have too much time on your hands.

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    I think Lee was referring to you...

    Your Ken Swanson quote at the bottom confused him, perhaps?

    FWIW... I agree that no one can hold a gun to someones head to make them participate.

    In doing a post-race analysis, maybe running additional IRRA retro classes would have increased local participation?

    IRRA Can-Am had the biggest turn out. Maybe also running IRRA F-1 and GT would have pulled more retro racers.


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    Don't Know what's up out there, But

    I don't have the answer but one thing is for sure -- if more people don't show more if an interest tracks will be far and few in the future

    Lee has this part right! For sure!

    BTW, it looked like a good race for this time of year and concidering high end slot racing is on the decline. We got to remember folks do this for fun. sometimes at the higher end we tend to forget this.
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    What a great track!

    As good if not better than the best Europe has to offer.

    If I lived within commuting distance of Rogers you couldn't keep me out of that place. I'm jealous of the Chicago area racers BIG TIME!

    Gregt G.
    How Sweet It Is!!!!!

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