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Thread: Thursday, August 21st, 2008 - One Motor Open

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    Shontel - I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking all the time and trouble to post the results & pics! I never expected you to be able to keep doing it when you went home even!

    Believe me - I know how much work it is - and I also know how it is to have some people not appreciate it. I get emails & PMs like that a lot. Fortunately, while some do take it for granted, there are so many who do appreciate it.

    I hadn't got any sleep last night, and then the server went down. I spent hours getting that resolved, then just when I fell asleep, Tony H called to tell me it was down again!. This time the MySQL data base was down! Not many people realize what it takes just to keep this web site online sometimes. Not many people know how Tony H has always been there for me as well!

    How would you like to become an OWH moderator??? I could sure use more help - and you are always so supportive & helpful... the hours & pay sucks - but often there are times when it is all worth it.

    Thanks again,

    Paul K - aka "mom"
    (but maybe Shontel should be called "mom" this week!)

    P.S. - It was a nice surprise to see some very familiar names back racing again!!!
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    I am not bitc.hn .....just wondering if anybody is going to post more picture from the Nats. It sure was nice that Craigs family was there .
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    Go Brazil!!!

    Boa Felipe!
    Parabéns, ganhar essa categoria não é fácil!

    Vai BRASIL!!!


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    Thanks guys for your support. I was trying to get back to Katy today (Friday) but I'm also trying to get my track re-assembled. I think we will go Saturday morning.

    Shontel (Spell it anyway you like)

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    great run by you,,and all others in main-----------kent
    snake plisskin(mid atlantic type)

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