Wow, talk about resurrecting a thread!

Nobody else ever built any of these that I know of. And these are still the only four I have. That is not to say I haven’t drawn up plans for a whole boat-load more of them (LOL).

Funny though, here it is more than five years later and I still pull these things out of the box to play with every chance I get; they’re just that much fun! And I haven’t done anything to them either, though they’ve taken a beating over the years. The Green one and the Purple one need some serious maintenance at this point. The Red one is still quick, and the Blue one was running like a rocket the last time I took it out. And chasing after someone’s GTP with one of these and watching the expression on their face is still priceless.

So I would still recommend anyone so inclined toward some purely silly fun to design up and build a sled for one of these bodies. Actually, you need at least two. That way you can give at least one to a friend so you can both laugh together!