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Thread: over powering a bulldog supply

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    over powering a bulldog supply

    I have visited other tracks (dragstrips) and have seen there voltage up to 16.5 or higher output with rivergate bulldog power supplies I was told that they over charge them to get them to do this. Can somebody please tell me how this is done thanks

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    Rivergate will adjust the power supply to supply the typical drag voltage of 16.2.

    There is a pot that can be adjusted to increase the voltage.


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    On some Rivergate models, you have to install a jumper wire. The supplies we use are at 14.3 VDC normally, 16.3 with the jumpers in for qualifying. The trimmer pot is only good for about a half a volt.
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    adjusting rivergate's

    The adjust of voltage can be done using the trimmer pot located at the fan end of the unit it is not ment to be used as contineous way a adjusting the supply it's there to make adjustments and be left alone it is very sensitive and the windings are very fine and will wear out quickly. It is also easy to break the pot of the board. It's possible to get more the .5 of a volt out of it depends on the unit Our units are for 220 volt ac and we can get 16 volts from that trimmer pot. The jumper Jerry is talking about switchs our units from 13.6 to 14.2
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