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Thread: which is quicker

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    which is quicker

    which is quicker a motor that draws more amps or one that draws less amps.

    I tied a deathstar runing at 4v with shuted brushes and it drew about 1000 ma on my power surply.
    I also tried some normal but slopeing brushes and got about 1000 ma
    but when I tried normal unmodified brushes it ran at 500 ma
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    In general the more amps your motor draws the faster it will be because more amps means less resistance. But, this is not the whole story. In Eurosport racing we can easily build motors that are too fast and too radical to put the power down. We are looking for motors that are fast and smooth. It's the combination of can, magnet, arm length, wind and timing that makes the motor. At Speedshop we have found through testing that 400 tall by 330 long magnets in the narrow Camen setup with 23/25 arms at 285 or 300 are the best.

    If you are running Contenders or Group 12 motors most of the time the motor that draws the most amps will be the best. When racing Euros you also have to take into consideration the track power. On week power we will run a mild motor because without enough power the hotter wind will not get out of it's own way.


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