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    Womp Gear

    We Are Changing Our Womp Gearing Rule Cause To Many Of Them Dragging The Track. With Only Having 30 Tooth Crowns We Cant Try Different Ones, So What I Need To Know Is What Size Crown Gear Is Flush With The Bottom Of The Womp Chassi. Thanks For The Help Gman

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    I run either a 26 or 27 tooth gear on my womp. It is even with the bottom of the chassis. I also run a 9 tooth pinion. With all the torque of the DeathStar and the short length of the womp chassis, I want to not have a 'snappy' car off the corners.
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    Parma womp uses .790 tires and the Champion thumper uses 13/16 tires, I think the womp allows 27's to clear and the thumper allows the 29 or 30 to clear
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