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Thread: WRP AA/FC Chassis Fixture

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    WRP AA/FC Chassis Fixture

    If you are into AA/FC funny cars this is the fixture is for you.
    Originally designed for track owners to build precision chassis's for their customers. Now available to everyone.
    The easiest most precise way to build this chassis, measures, bends and holds in place all those little fragile parts.
    Motor square up block for setting uprights square to the motor box milled perfectly square, drilled and tapped.
    Base engraved for perfect alignment. Pocket milled frame rails and motor box assure the chassis lays flat.
    Designed for .072 and .082 stainless steel tube main rails.
    Set front and rear axles 3 wheel bases for for different style bodies.
    2 wheelie bar lengths
    Included: are 8 stainless steel dowel pins for the front and rear axles,
    16 steel dowel pins for alignment of base and main rails,
    1 bolt, washer and nut.
    1 3/32" x 3 5/16 build axle axle.
    1 Motor block
    Measures 4" x 12" x 1/2" Corian.
    available made of 3/4" corian
    $69.95 Plus 11.50 priority shipping

    Looking to save money all Precision Slot Car drag fixtures available board only $56.95 or mix and match

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    All new revised fixture
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