View Poll Results: Why I don't post on OWH Slot Car Talk

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  • I can read, but I can't type so good

    5 5.95%
  • I just like to read, and let others make a fool of themselves

    23 27.38%
  • I have no opinions of my own

    4 4.76%
  • I'm afraid of getting flamed if I post... I'm just too shy

    6 7.14%
  • I only post if it's controversial, or if it really gets my goat

    8 9.52%
  • I'm afraid I'll get deleted if I post

    3 3.57%
  • I just like to be a troll, and/or post flame posts

    2 2.38%
  • I'm lucky that I could even logon, let alone post

    7 8.33%
  • I'm too busy building & racing my slot cars

    16 19.05%
  • It's summer, man...

    11 13.10%
  • Which button do I press to vote?

    6 7.14%
  • Huh?

    16 19.05%
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Thread: Why I don't post on OWH

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    Good one Nick! We need more of that attitude around here.

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    One reason may be that getting posting privileges is so difficult. When I tried to post after joining 3 years ago, I tried many times to get permission, but to no avail. My newly opened raceway came and went, had lots to say but could only view other racers opinions and advice. Many of my racers had the same problem and finally quit trying. As you can see I am posting now (thanks Paul), but would have liked to speak when it had more impact. Was going to say add "can't post", to the poll above, but ---

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    Oh I got a good one. Your ( so called ) track director goes running to the owner everytime you post your opinion. It's pretty funny to sometime post stuff to get a reaction. I hate stupid people
    Gilbert, AZ
    Falcon Wing/G12/Flexi/Nascar/Drag Race

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    Thanks for missing me Gary!lol are you on facebook?

    problem is and always will be, people look for the awnsers and don't like when they hear the truth....LMAO!
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] Quit cryin and act like a MAN!!!

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    Well I don't post much because I don't have much to say plus the fact it has taken me about 10 minutes to get a new password and get to where I can post. Mom's fault? Don't think so. MS resetting stuff when it updates? Mom's switch to a new server? Maybe.

    I have been playing with toy cars for about 50 years but I am still learning. There are way too many smarter people than I out there in the many slot sites I visit. So just consider me a lurker Mom, taking good and way too many bad ideas from where I can find them. You have a good site as your hits on this site show.


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    Quote Originally Posted by oldweirdherald View Post
    OWH Slot Car Talk has been getting thousands of page views every day, with tons of registered members logged on, as well as guests... but lately hardly anybody has been posting.

    So I thought I would post a poll to see if I could uncover any hidden reasons for this odd anomaly.

    Click all that apply... or post below if reasons I didn't think of, or other wise-a$$ remarks.

    PK @ OWH
    I also read a forum for 1978 Trans Ams that used to be VERY active but now seems deserted. I asked the same question you asked and was told that other media like Twitter and Instagram have taken the trolling time away from the world of Forums and people just don't use them like they used to.

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