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Thread: Controllers under $100 retail

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    Controllers under $100 retail

    Looking for input on controllers under the $100 retail price, was wondering if there are any availible in this price range with the adjutable brake and such.
    Thanks for any input.

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    Slot.it SCP-1 base controller. Several different cartridge options also available.

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    For commercial or home tracks?
    Russ Toy
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    Todd17 is the guy with the Scalextric 4 lane track in the front of his T-Shirt shop, where he just recently had the cash payout race that was posted here on OWH.

    Professor Motor has several controllers that are diode or electronic in the $50 - $80 range - but these do not have adjustable brakes or sensitivity. They do have a large "range" of cars they will work for, however, and most of them are upgradeable.

    For inexpensive house "rental" controllers best bargain would be the basic Professor Motor $54 controllers.

    The least expensive option is the basic Parma controllers, which are available from Scalextric USA with 7 foot cords and Scalextric / Ninco plugs already installed. At around $25 each, you could get a set of 45 ohm controllers which would handle most stock cars, and another set of 25 ohm ones if racing with strong magnet cars.

    The Parma home set controllers are extremely durable, and are really all you need for most 1/32 scale racing - especially for "rental" or house provided controllers.

    If your racers want something adjustable, then they should invest in their own controller that suits their needs.

    The next step up is $120, for either the Slot.It controller that daiseyslots mentioned above, or for the adjustable Professor Motor controllers.

    Difalco has a very nice 30 band controller, that features changeable resistor modules, so you can have one controller to use for HO & 1/32, as well as for all types of 1/24 racing - by simply changing the $16.99 resistor module. This controller costs much more initially, but is a great solution for racers who race more then 1 scale.

    JayGee also offers a new controller for HO & 1/32 scale, as does Rudduck, and I believe Third Eye. I do not know the price range or features of these off the top of my head.
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    I've developed a new controller system that just may be ideal for you. it gives your customers low cost way to begin racing with a fully adjustable controller on your track...and a migration path to a full-up controller when they are ready for it (as well as an upgrade sale for you).

    You can see a bit more of it here:


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    Our 1/32 club has been using the Prof Motor diode and transistor controllers without adjustments for several years without the need for variable brakes. Same for everyone...

    If you really want variable brakes, the PM brake kit and the $54 controller is still in the price range. Andy does special orders for long cables and such, so I imagine he could add the brake kits for a moderate increase.
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