Hello Raceway Owners,

I have finally come up with a perfect marketing plan for our new Digital Editions of Scale Auto Racing News.**SInce Going digital, some raceway Owners feel as if they are missing out on the sale of our printed editions.

That is no longer a problem because you NOW have MORE to sell than ever before.

* Raceways now have the opportunity to sell a clamshell case CD which has two issues on it in both PDF and the new 3D flash versions . They come out every other month and sell for only $7.50. You keep $3.50 and send $4.00 to my pay pal account. The reduced price is causing good sales at the raceways that offer it and since I automatically send a replacement, there is no need to be bothered with ordering. The packaging looks good and displays both issue covers on the outside.*

**As well as these double issues, you can now sell SUBSCRIPTIONS and make an even greater profit on them.*All distributors will receive a Subscription CD with the magazine inside on a CD to give to your customer when you sell a subscription.*

* PDF download subscriptions are only $19.95 for 12 issues. Keep $9.95 and send subscriber name and address & email info along with 10 bucks to my pay pal johnford@slotmail.org. They will get an email asking if they want to download the magazine, or wish to get it in their email.*Here again, you will automatically be mailed a replacement Subscription CD mailed out at the same time we get the subscription info in Pay Pal.

Having been a raceway owner multiple times since 1965, I know I have set up this new system to make it EZ for everyone. No need to send money until you sell and no need to hassle with ordering with the automatic replacement process. Simply reply to this email with your Raceway Name and mailing address and I will send out your Distributor packet (2 Digital editions and 1 Subscription copy) and put your Raceway's name on the distributor page.
The distributor page is now expanded so if you have a website, email and phone number as well as open hours, send that and it will be included.

* I wish we could still offer a slick printed version, but after 30 years of printing SARN, the current economy problems, added to the rising cost of mailing and printing finally caught up to us. The new system allows us to be twice as big as before and offer greatly reduced prices on advertising and subscriptions.

Here's the good part. If you have clamshell's left over when it is time for new issues, just let me know how many you have and I will send new CD's and the cover art insert for you to refill the case and you can play frisbee with the unsold CD's. It is much cheaper to mail the CD's without a clamshell.

Also, don't forget to send pics of your raceway and other info so I can put you in one of our Spotlight features....jf

If you have any questions, just shoot me an email and I will get right back to you.