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Thread: 2010 USRA Nationals Pro LMP at Chicks Hobbiz

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    Congrats to George and Casey. Looks like the time away from racing hasnt hurt Casey's driving at all.
    James Grinstead


    Why so serious?

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    Congrats to George, Casey and Mike.

    Casey, great job dude, and it was fun racing with you again. It was nice to be able to sit back in practice and change motors while you did all the testing. it's been a while since I've had anyone to work with at the track.

    With the shortage of Cahoza setups, neither Casey or myself had any big bore setups, so we honed a couple of my older setups on Friday morning and put in the two big BOW Contender arms I had with me. We ran through all of the small arm setups we had with us, but none of them were as fast, or as smooth as the two big arm motors. Caseys ran great and he drove a great race to take 2nd, while mine developed a brush problem in qualifying that I was unable to diagnose then or during the race, which left me seriously short of horsepower.

    Thanks to Casey for putting together the car I was supposed to run, but I was struggling with a light car on Chick's track, so I went back to my latest evolution Fred Hood, Cars by Crash .030 C11 car for the race.
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    Thanks Greg, yeah I won last year too. Used the same BOW arm two years in a row. As Monty said, it will be a day of mourning when the comm goes phenolic....it's at .185 now....

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