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Thread: Thanks to the Unsung Heroes

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    Thanks to the Unsung Heroes

    I thought I should start a thread thanking those who were behind the scenes and working really hard. My understanding of the situation is we were not expecting Andy Wasserman to do race directing, am I right? Did Andy show up unexpectedly? I think he just showed up and did his usual precise and witty race direction. Andy, if you just decided to drive down from New York, you are my hero, thank you my friend. Then we have to always be grateful to the track owner who lays out ungodly monthly rent to allow racers to play on two world class tracks. Stephen Chick, you are a hero, man. We all enjoyed your wonderful hospitality and great humor. Thanks for loaning me the fishing gear. Your two kids Zander and Junior Chick are delightful. Then there's Chick's left and right hand guys (not sure which is which), Justin and Ryan, both running on minimal sleep like the rest of us. We cannot forget Roger Schmitt for his tireless efforts as tech director. I can't even imagine doing a job like he does, it is too hard to comprehend. Also thanks to the sponsors of the races and to our special motor development team at Camen under the inspired leadership of Joel Montague.

    I also appreciated the incredible weather we had in Ashland, Virginia. Gorgeous spring weather. The accomodations at Quality Inn were excellent and reasonable...again Chick got us a good group rate. We also enjoyed nightly food and libations at The Smokey Pig with our favorite waitress, Theresa. The final banquet on Friday night was a blast, most of the racers attended, several pounds of meat were consumed along with pitchers of Yuengling ice cold ale. MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm. If you did not attend this Nats, I'm sorry you didn't make it. It was another experience that I am sure many agree was partly about the slot car hobby and sport, but mostly about spending a week with fellow enthusiasts. Looking forward to next year in Chicago.

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    Well said George, well said.

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    George is absolutely correct,

    Thanks so much to everybody!! We all had a great time at a wonderful track!


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    Thanks for all the kind words George, Greg and Rocky. I would also like to say THANK YOU to Roger for keep pics and updates on computer and to Mike for the use of the camera.
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    Thank you Steve for a great race week. Enjoyed myself as always even though I couldn't race all the classes I'd hoped to race. Bad knees.
    I've done so much with so little for so long it seems like I can do anything with nothing at all.


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