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Thread: American Blue King tracks

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    Question American Blue King tracks

    I am trying to find out how many original American Blue King tracks are left. I know of 4: Two in Ohio, one in New York, and another in storage (and for sale) in Texas. Is that it? Are there any more out there? If you know of any others that are still in use, please let me know. And if you know of any in storage, I would like to know where, and if possible, the track's owner.

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    The track is in storage in Houston, TX.
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    How much for the one in Texas?
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    I am the proud new owner of the Houston Blue King. It is now located in the greater Oklahoma City metro area, stored for now in my barn awaiting restoration. The good news is this property is paid for so this track is at no risk from expiring leases or mortgage foreclosure.

    Any info on her history would be appreciated. The person I got her from said he got her from the truck driver delivering two other tracks for his club. If I understood correctly, it came from Pennsylvania but had been set-up in Ohio previously. One distinguishing factor would be that someone had glued what appear to have been black and white floor tiles to her sides in a checkerboard (checkered flag?) pattern.

    And I too would like to know of any other originals out there.

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    Please post photos of progress when you start to restore.
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    I raced for years at the original American king at Route 93 in Akron, and I think twice at the virtually identical track in Columbus. Those of you who have not had the pleasure to run on these tracks don't know what you're missing. The long straight and steep bank are fun and fast, but the rest of the track is far more akin to a modern flat track. The narrow lane centers make passing even harder than usual. As a matter of fact, I think that a Eurosport race would be fun and quite doable on one of these. The speeds on the Route 93 track are not higher than what we do on the monster at Mid-America. Also, I've always felt that the wing car racers are missing the boat by not going back to this configuration at least once in a while.

    If I were a track owner (which happily I am not) I'd be interested in having one of these tracks, or an identical new one with a totally flat finger (the donuts and lead-ons are totally flat already).


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    Some of them History is far and in between my Royal 95 was built in 1963 and was number #20
    T slot no history where it was set up but where it was in the 90s
    in Columbia Mo at Wilders Bar and Grill and was redecked by Hassie.The infeild is in some nic nack store on the wall in Columbia Mo
    Hassie was sub contacted by Gary Gerding to redeck the track the bar had been closed down and the track was in storage for 9 years and now is set up here in Melrose Park
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    We had a 1966 American Blue King track in Michigan that Ray Birmele and I went out to Connecticut and picked up in 1977. It was the Royal (they actually made an economy version that did not have the blue formica on it-Hank's in Milwaukee was the economy version and it came with actual wood paneling on the sides) with the blue formica and when we purchased it from Bob Emmott, it had actually only been set up for about 6 months and then taken down. The building that we took the track from had 8 other tracks in it, all American tracks that were there because of a spoiled rich kid's dad putting them all together for him (no names will be released).

    The track held several world records while we had it set up in Hartford MI before selling it to Walt Radzinski, who had it set up in Douglas MI as a club track for a while, holding a couple of USRA wing car races a year on it, again with excellent success. I worked with him to keep the track in tip top shape and it always ran great. At that time, the Euro style kings were taking over so fast between Hasse and Ogilvie, that it really became kind of a conversation item that no one wanted to race on anymore because of the 4" lane spacing, but I always loved that track. It took driving to run GP-7 cars on it and you had to really pay attention. I sure don't recall having nearly as many track calls as I see now on the swoopy king tracks.


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    Thank You for the history leson on Walts track. Wish we could run that track again with our F-2000 cars. I too have memories of that track. It was the first track I made a move up out of a semi in the old I-15 class..... remember when we had those? Do you know where that track is and how about Walt?
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