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Thread: Results of the 2010 Worlds @ The World Famous Port Jefferson Raceway

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    congrats Filipe,

    great win, new world record. Well deserved.

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    Wow what a event

    I want to thank all of the racers for coming and supporting the Worlds!! I need to thank Hurricane Larry Pelligrini and Big Matt Skurka for all their hard work even late nights working on the best power ever put on a track! Thank Erkle and Pop's for all of their help on all the day to day work and long hours.
    Special thanks to Bill Skinner for all his help in organizing the event, endless hours making the best tires in the world!!!!!!! Stupidfast Thunder rubber tires were so fast and held up great!!!

    I do regret not updating the webcam and some of JPVR comments although harsh maybe true. The use of full names and posting complete qualifying results should have been done. (my bad) Knowing the sytem needed to be updated I choose to spend the money on the track power, track, inventory and updating the air conditioning system and felt it was more important to meet the needs of the racers, who were coming to support the event. Being a "peasent" of limitted means I had to pick and choose what I felt was more important for the event. Having the lap counter update evey ten seconds I find annoying at best. Realizing that we where not getting much support for this event by American racers, I actually considered a black out. (no webcam) In talking to a lot of racers before the event, they told me they were not coming but were just going to watch it on webcam instead. Things that make you go Hmmm.

    If you do not attend a event such as this, you really miss the atmosphere of it. To see the Czech racers perform and think outside the box is just awesome. Watching Heiko from Germany run one motor in gp27 for 24 heats quarter, semi and main unreal. When I asked him why he said it was the only good one he had. He finished third and was still running 1.9's in the last heat, just amazing!!!
    What can I say about the Brazilian racers, they have become some of the best racers in the World!! They are one of the classiest group of people in the sport today. Filipe Silva's drive in the open race having Beuf and the Czech's coming after him, was one of the best, I have ever seen. This man stayed cool as a cucumber. I would have needed a hand full of Prozac.

    I also want to give a special thanks to the American racers who did support the event. Paul Beuf Pedersen who maybe the best builder and racer we have ever had. Not only tries to help the raceway but is a blast to be around and always leaves it all on the track. Forrest Watchers had some great runs and would have made the main in opens, if not for a chassis breaking shot. And all the rest of the American racers, I am very proud of you.

    I want to thank all of the sponsors for classes:
    Stupidfast, Balance by Beuf, Piranha Products, Koford Eng, ARP, and Chicks Hobbiz Your support means everything!!!
    I am sure I have forgotten people to thank but will update after some more sleep.
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    World Famous Port Jefferson Raceway
    Former USRA Grand Puba

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    I enjoyed the race directing by Doug's son for am12. His play by play descriptions of the progress and keeping the turn marshalls on task was great! It is fun to travel to a first class track. The web cam kept me on the edge of my seat for the open race. Very exciting race!

    Larry and Matt---You did it good! Congratulations on a job well done. Everybody involved in running this race deserve high praise!
    Tim Zimmerman, former slotcar racer

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    I dont know where to start

    Dougie, Erkle and Pop you guys pulled off another unbelieveable event, thanks for all the late hours you put in. Matt and Larry You guys stepped up huge with the power, the power is simply unmatched, without you guys no records would have happened the way they did. Last But not least, Skinner. What can i say about him, I would not be able to race without you, all the help you have done to help me personally is beond what i can ask for. I Apriciate all the hard work you put into everything and without you, this race wouldnt be the same, thanks for Everything.

    OMO, Big Thanks to Beuf for a Great car, it was sick. Rich thanks for gluing, Derek Edsel erkle who ever helped clean pit etc, thanks again

    G27-The Czecs deffinitly stepped up there game to another level, it was fun just watching them do some things you've never seen before

    G7-Fillipe a.k.a doc hollywod, what a great race you drove, Big Congrats you derserved every bit of it, see you guys in november

    It was nice meeting the people i have never met and hopefully we will see eachother soon

    9x National Champion

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    Thanks for all pretty days at the track in port jeff
    Thanks Doug and his team
    Skinner for the tires
    nice to meet all this people
    thanks to GUGU (my best friend)
    all my love to skinners wife, the most friendly lady in the bar for the great catering
    We have a great race-week

    see you all at the next race

    Best regards

    (Klaus + Peter)
    sorry for my bad englisch
    Klaus Wickert

    Bluekingclub Bruehl

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    What a Great job Doug. You and the PJ crew have raised the bar to an unreachable apex of speed on a King track. I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the Worlds but situations at home kept me from coming. My apoligies to Brad and Tim Zimmerman for not being there to help. Success is a team effort and the FART team let you down. I can't wait to come back and climb under that track to see the magic you did. I guess I better get out the tool pouch and start tweeking the Skidmarks track.
    By the way, Thanks for not ripping the I-15 record out of the book yet!

    Congratulations, Spove
    230 S. Averill
    Flint, Mi 48506

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    Anyone know what happened to Beuf on blue in the open race?
    Chase Walker

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    I believe he hit Josef Korec..... was a rough heat for him. Don't think there was any specific mechanical issues but I think there was a crash he was involved in.

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    What a great race! The track conditions and power were simply amazing!!

    I didn't see ANY motors slow down or blow up except for 1 in G27 and MINE on red in the first heat. Whatever the PJ guys did to the track worked soooo well. You had to see it to believe it. When you can rip 1.7's on 4 feet.....

    Anybody that missed this race made a huge mistake, what an event!!

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    Thanks a lot to everybody at Port Jeff for this great online coverage!
    It was really something watching the Open final on cam and Lapcounter LIVE while the birds began to sing, the sun rose and this voice telling me all the time "You should not open this one. Go to sleep". What I did at 5:30 am :-)
    Again, thank you!

    Christian Kehl

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    Want to give a big thanks to Doug @ Port Jeff Raceway for a awsome event.Nice shop,awsome track,great friends what more could ya ask for.
    I need to thank all the people that helped me get to the podium...................Beuf,Vegas,Koford,Skinner and the helpers back @ the shop,Manion,Gawronski and Tracy.But most of all my wife Mardell,I love ya!!!
    A special thanks to Doug,Les and Skinner who gave me the race of life,maybe next time Doug!!!!

    Frank Sarkela
    Slotcar Raceway
    Rohnert Park CA

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    Congrats Doug

    It seems like yet another great event and turnout. I know the hard work and stress that goes into something like this and the individuality that a big race at Port Jeff has.

    I have only one regret about the change I made in my life that led to my not racing anymore, and that is missing you people and racing in great events like this.

    Great job to everyone involved!

    Miss you guys.

    "Bring your ballistic $hit and your asbestos shorts, nobody gets out alive." Paul Kovich

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    OWH, are you able to fix the coding on this chart? Would love to see the results table again if possible...

    Quote Originally Posted by oldweirdherald View Post
    I was unable to figure out all the last names or full names, and was gone to the local Washington State Champs series race today... but when I got home, I see that JPVR has done the detective work and posted a full chart of the results, based on Derek's & Stefan's posts, on the IMCA web site:


    TQ: "Beuf" Pedersen 1"429
    Racer Nat Consis Quarters Semis Main
    1. Filipe TAVARES DA SILVA BR - 494 751 1282 (WR)
    2. Paul "Beuf" Pedersen USA - 501 756 1277
    3. Josef Korec CZ - 499 760 1267
    4. Vladimir Horky CZ - 505 753 1257
    5. Zdenek Benes CZ - 509 745 1241
    6. Heiko Thinschmidt D - 497 755 1209
    7. Marcio Paschoalin BR - 497 744 1183
    8. Fabio Signoretti BR 227 490 740 276
    9. Anders Gustafson S 226 487 728 -
    10. Mario "MSP" Schöne D - 499 721 -
    11. Per Person S - 482 719 -
    12. Ulli E. Pietsch D - 470 715 -
    13. Andre Eriksson S - 495 664 -
    14. Forrest Watchers USA - 494 624 -
    15. Gary Puetz USA - 497 595 -
    16. Brad Friesner CDN - 488 106 -
    17. Stefan Törnfeldt S - 482 - -
    18. Erkle Tylinski USA - 478 - -
    19. Luiz "Gugu" Bernardino BR 221 476 - -
    20. Reggie Coram STM - 475 - -
    21. Bill Skinner II USA - 472 - -
    22. Isaias Jordăo BR - 468 - -
    23. Petr Krcil CZ - 464 - -
    24. Marcelo Triginelli BR - 459 - -
    25. Jose Mario Serra BR - 455 - -
    26. Peter Fröbel D - 455 - -
    27. Klaus Wickert D - 446 - -
    28. Rodrigo Mastrochirico BR - 423 - -
    29. Vlado Okali SVK 238 416 - -
    30. Mikael Silén S - 407 - -
    31. Les Wright USA 229 289 - -
    32. Paul Kovitch USA 213 115 - -
    33. Rainer Borsutzki D 208 - - -
    34. Oliver Sonnbichler A 202 - - -

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    How's this?

    It appears that JP's www.imca-slotracing.com site is down???? Did he finally retire for real this time???

    TQ: "Beuf" Pedersen 1"429

    Racer Nat Consis Quarters Semis Main
    1. Filipe TAVARES DA SILVABR-494751 1282 (WR)
    2. Paul "Beuf" PedersenUSA-5017561277
    3. Josef KorecCZ-499 7601267
    4. Vladimir HorkyCZ-5057531257
    5. Zdenek BenesCZ- 5097451241
    6. Heiko ThinschmidtD-4977551209
    7. Marcio PaschoalinBR-4977441183
    8. Fabio SignorettiBR227490740276
    9. Anders GustafsonS226487728-
    10. Mario "MSP" SchöneD-499721-
    11. Per PersonS-482719-
    12. Ulli E. PietschD-470715-
    13. Andre ErikssonS-495664-
    14. Forrest WatchersUSA-494624-
    15. Gary PuetzUSA-497595-
    16. Brad FriesnerCDN-488106-
    17. Stefan TörnfeldtS-482--
    18. Erkle TylinskiUSA-478--
    19. Luiz "Gugu" BernardinoBR221476--
    20. Reggie CoramSTM-475--
    21. Bill Skinner IIUSA-472--
    22. Isaias JordăoBR-468--
    23. Petr KrcilCZ-464--
    24. Marcelo TriginelliBR-459--
    25. Jose Mario SerraBR-455--
    26. Peter FröbelD-455--
    27. Klaus WickertD-446--
    28. Rodrigo MastrochiricoBR-423--
    29. Vlado OkaliSVK 238416--
    30. Mikael SilénS-407--
    31. Les WrightUSA229289--
    32. Paul KovitchUSA213115--
    33. Rainer BorsutzkiD208---
    34. Oliver SonnbichlerA202---
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    Thanks Paul, much appreciated.

    Unfortunately, I thought it showed the heat totals from the main. That is actually what I was looking for....

    Does anybody have that information?

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