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Thread: Michigan Retro Racing Association Winter Schedule

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    Michigan Retro Racing Association Winter Schedule

    M.R.R.A ( Michigan Retro Racing Association)

    Presents the Michigan Retro Series!

    The Michigan Retro Association Series will begin with 5 tracks and run 5 months for the first winter series .

    The series will run from Sept.. to Jan. and then start over for the Spring / Summer Series and may add 2 more tracks depending on support and intrest.

    The race schedule will be posted at all tracks in the series and be avalible online.

    Race 1 Sept 26 2010
    M&t Raceway, Jackson, MI/ King

    Race 2 Oct 24 2010
    Slot Car Crossing, Holly, MI/ Hill Climb

    Race 3 Nov 21 2010
    Skidmarks, Flint, MI /King

    Race 4 Dec 12 2010
    Boogie Speedway, Jackson, MI/ Hill Climb

    Race 5 Jan 23 2011
    T.S.S Rraceway, Beleville, MI/ Corner Climb & UK Black-flat track

    The last race at TSS will also be the year end party and the awards banquet

    Race Classes

    Classes will run all I.R.R.A rules

    1. Retro Flexi (B- Racers Only)

    2. Can -Am

    3. F1

    4. Retro Pro Anglewinder Retro Pro will run D3 Motor Rules

    If time permits, we may also run GT Coupe
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    As many know the mrra schedule has changed and two of the raceways have dropped out but it will be a 6 race series instead of five race 4 will be at M&T raceway race 5 will be at slot car crossing and race 6 will be at skidmarks in feb. date to be announced but all the other dates will be the same. hope to see all the retro racers at the warm up this weekend!

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    retro tracks

    Mike- Yes i finally made it to a computer!!!! Give me directions or website info on that MTT in Jackson or a # to where i can reach someone w/ a pulse!!! 586-292-9472 or kennyracerx@yahoo.com.......... thats the leanmeankennymachine to you!!!!! LOL!!!!!! ThankX


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