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Thread: "New Posts" Column on the Forum page

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    "New Posts" Column on the Forum page

    I just noticed on the Forum page the chevron to the right which opens and closes the new posts since last visit.

    How long has that been there?? Says blind MentalKase....

    I usually hit "What's New" or "New Posts" immediately upon loading so now I have a 3rd route.
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    It's been there all alone.... you must be going blind....

    It's actually a feature that's always been available, but it was turned off. I stumbled across it when doing something else and thought I'd try it out.

    You can always click on the arrow to remove it.

    I guess since you started this thread... maybe readers can leave some feedback if you like it, hate it, or don't really care.
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    Its awesome for me. It will probably cut down on overall clicks on the website tho. We know the more ads we see the more likely we are to click one.
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