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Thread: Kids Race (Womp Womp Wednesday) Weekly Results

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    Thumbs up Womp Race Results

    Wednesday, March 30, 2011

    We had a good time racing Wednesday evening with a total of 11 racers. Due to the wide age range of our racers, we raced a round robin. Cirstianna, age 4, raced for the first time, and Emily helped her out when she was sitting a heat out. Ian, 17, won the race with 240 laps, Zach had 231 laps, and Chase with 229 laps. Chase showed good sportsmanship by congratulating Zach for beating him for the first time with a lead of two laps : ) All the kids did a great job racing!!! I think we all had fun, and would enjoy everyone bringing there friends, neighbors, sons, and daughters next Wednesday evening!!!

    1. Ian 240
    2. Zach 231
    3. Chase 229
    4. Emily 221
    5. Madison 206
    6. Amanda 205
    7. Colton 201
    8. Jaret 201
    9. Kai 152
    10. Luke 113
    11. Cirstianna 54

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    Glad you are having fun with whomps. We do alot of racing with the thumper chassis 1/32 and just love em. If you are interested in some real cool bodies check us out.

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    Thanks for posting even though Team SD wasn't there hoping we will make it next wednestday with some of are crew LOL!

    scotty and Diane

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    Scotty, your crew is enough to almost fill a main! Hope that new soldering iron is working well for you!

    See you guys on Wednesday!

    Jim Radford
    Pacific Slot Car Raceways
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    Thumbs up Womp Race Results

    Wednesday, April 6, 2011

    And a round robin it was for Wednesday evening. Chase took the race with 155 laps, Emily followed close behind him with 151 laps, and in third, Madison with 145 laps. Alex was very close behind Madison with 145 laps, also. The kids kept the turn marshalls busy! It was another fun night of racing!!! Next Wednesday, bring your friends, neighbors, sons, and daughters and try an evening of fun womp womp racing! The adults have just as much fun as the kids do, I think!!! See you next week.

    1. Chase 155
    2. Emily 151
    3. Madison 145
    4. Alex 145
    5. Jaret 143
    6. Skylar 139
    7. Shad 112
    8. Johnny 99
    9. Luke 76

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    Sorry we didn't Make it on wednesday night but we added future racer Maya Jamie Ward was born that day! Team C and are crew can fill a whole main now LOL!

    Scotty and Daine

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    Congratulations on the new racer. I saw her last night, man babies are tiny. I couldn't hold the new baby as I have a cold, but I promise we will help teach her to be a hellion just the way we like our kids.

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