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Thread: Help with Parma FCR Tunning

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    Quote Originally Posted by milrrcn2 View Post
    I have a question about the FCR car running in the spec class in the National Series .In this class we are allowed the .032 clearance behind the front tires.How do you get the car to be lower yet stop the tires from touching all the time?Or how can you get one of these car to handle better .We can not free wheel the wheels they have to be locked to the axle .I have the bushings soldered up to the highest position .I just can not get a handle on this car plus we are on an LTD .Just how much do you want the fronts to touch ? Any help would be great guys .I just can't get a handle on the set up !!!! Plus I know the old nail polish trick but I am being told we can't do it .
    check your rules for this BUT

    I run a Revell C6 Vette ZO6 body on a 4" chassis and had to extend the wheel base for the body -1/8"- I took my dremal with a cut off wheel and cut the front part of the bushing area out leaving a little material so the bushing will "snap" in place then solder in braces between the front up rights(then go in with solder)

    The same could be done to lower the chassis cut out the area above the bushing leaving a little material so the bushing "snaps in and solder it once you have the position you like

    again check with your track they may not allow you to do this..
    here is mine:

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    Hey, I'm fairly new to slot cars. I'd always figured there's not much to do with these things other than race them. We have a track here that is a flat oval. Have to run a Proslots Speed FX S16D motor with Pro Track .910 by .800 wide tires, but guys have been running silicone coated tires. I got a set free when I got a guys stuff, and so they are on my car right now. I have a 30 crown and a 8 pinion, and everything is spaced out to the right as far as possible. All of the weight is on the left hand side, and has some bracing behind the motor mounts and in between the front axel uprights. Run dirt track late model bodies made from hard plastic, and they are I believe 4" FCR, and I've thought about kinda hacking a chassis up by drilling or cutting a chunk out. I'm thinking it'll allow me to distribute the weight easier with less lead. Any and all help is appreciated tell me if anything you can think of is wrong or anything to try. I'm just tired of donating and not being competitive anymore.


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