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    One day the door bell rings in heaven and St. Peter finds 3 Chinese men standing there. Apparently they want to get into heaven, but St. Peter tells them that it's for Christians only.

    Since he's a bit light on good souls, he agrees to allow them all in if ONE of them can explain to him the meaning of the Easter holiday.

    The first guy steps up and tells a crazy tale about how on Easter a fat man dressed in a red suit flies around the world giving gifts to children.

    St. Peter can see where this is going, but hangs in there.

    The second guy isn't much better. He says that Easter is when children dress in costumes, ring doorbells and ask for treats.

    The third guy is different. He knows everything about Easter, and eloquently tells the story of Jesus and his persecution by the Romans. He tells about the crucifiction and how upon Christ's death his body is placed in a cave and a large stone is rolled in front of the opening. He says that three days later, a miracle happens and Christ rises from the dead, rolls the stone away from the opening...he comes out of the cave, sees his shadow on the ground and runs right back in.
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