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Thread: 2011 HOPRA National Championships

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    2011 HOPRA National Championships

    We have a great facility and some fantastic tracks lined up for this year's 37th annual HOPRA Nats, June 23-26, in Noblesville, IN [just north of Indianapolis]. There's really something for everybody. Returning to the list of national championship classes this year is Polymer Modified using the new compression molded polymer magnets. Also new this year... a cash payout in Vintage T-Jet!!! And for support races, the Life-Like Challenge is back again. As is a level 25 poly mod race. There's also a Brass Car showcase race being presented by Al Thurman. And the biggest news... the AFX Mega-G Showdown featuring the awesome new Audi and Peugeot cars. There's rumors that we'll have some very special guests for this support race, plus all entrants get to keep the car they race!

    For all the details, go to hopra.net and click on the 2011 HOPRA National Championships graphic.

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    Nats info has been updated on the website. Check it out.

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    2011 HOPRA National Championships Re-cap

    Wow! What a great 2011 HOPRA Nats! The location was perfect, the tracks were awesome, the turnout was great and the racing was fast and furious. I'm just now starting to catch my breath.

    The entire IN HOPRA crew, spearheaded by Tom Shepherd, put on one truly spectacular event. It couldn't have been done without the dedicated efforts of Curt T, Merrell T, Phil S, Tmac, Gary L, Dwayne N, John R. Tony P. James J., Travis J. and others. Huge thanks to everyone who stepped up and helped out wherever they could.

    Due to Tom's tremendous efforts, several thousands of dollars in prizes were given away in goodie bags and free raffles. He worked with Steve Russell and John Cukras to create the AFX Mega G Showdown. AFX Racing donated over 50 of the spectacular new Audi and Peugeot Mega G cars, as well as several race sets that were given out to lucky winners. Heck, Steve even flew in for the event! He was very impressed by what he saw and loved talking to all the racers in attendance.

    For the fourth year in a row, Bob Colleran organized and prepped 50 cars for the Life-Like Challenge. Rick DeRosa of Quicker Engineering donated the rear hubs for the cars and the slip-on silicones came from Dennis Rutherford's Balls Out Racing products. Life-Like also donated several race sets that were given away during the event.

    HOPRA gave away several thousands of dollars worth of race prizes and free raffle prizes over the course of the event. Here's a list[ in no particular order] of everyone who donated prizes:
    Norm [the real Sluggo] Gardner
    Law Breakers Tires
    VRP racing products
    AFX Racing
    Zoomin' Motorsports
    Life-Like Racing
    O'Reilly Auto Parts
    Slottech HO Racing
    Super Tires
    MainSource Bank
    HOST bodies
    Quicker Engineering
    The Body Shop
    Slot Pro
    Don Schumacher Racing
    Carquest Southern Indy
    Greg's Garage
    Lucky Bob's Raceway
    Habby's Lube Shop
    ET Grips
    Finish Line Raceway
    Dave Craddock's All About You Photography

    I think I've included everyone. Tom rounded up so many; it's difficult to remember them all.

    In addition to all the race prizes, all competitors received a free, limited edition 2011 HOPRA Nats box plaque from HOPRA. They were made by Cutting Edge Graphics, who also did all the beautiful awards plaques. These will surely find a special place on the trophy wall of all who received them.

    Besides the plaques, HOPRA also awarded a combined $2, 375 in cash to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishers in Vintage T-jet, Pro Super Stock, CM Polymer Modified, Neo Modified and Unlimited.

    A complete finishing order for all classes and categories will be posted on the HOPRA website ASAP, but in the meantime, here's a listing of the top 5 finishers in the various classes:

    Vintage T-Jet
    1 Travis Joop
    2 Tony Porcelli
    3 Hiram Durant
    4 Jim Keen
    5 Matt Handy

    AM Super Stock
    1 Dave Craddock
    2 Travis Joop
    3 Patrick Smith
    4 Curt Thompson
    5 Zach Mofield

    Pro Super Stock
    1 Dave Lehr
    2 Paul Reeve
    3 John Pileggi
    4 Tim Miller
    5 Chris Rondinella

    CM Polymer Modified
    1 Pete Barclay
    2 John Pileggi
    3 Victor Feliciano
    4 Patrick Smith
    5 Walt Dick

    Neo Modified
    1 Tony Porcelli
    2 Matt Handy
    3 Bill Macy
    4 Norm Gardner
    5 Rick DeRosa

    1 Matt Handy
    2 Tony Porcelli
    3 Norm Gardner
    4 Bob Colleran
    5 Tony Mickles

    AFX Grand Champion
    Tony Porcelli

    AFX Mega G Showdown
    1 Paul Reeve
    2 Tony Mickles
    3 Travis Joop
    4 Mike Robertson
    5 Bob Dame

    Life-Like Challenge
    1 Rick DeRosa
    2 Patrick Smith
    3 Ben Naelitz
    4 Curt Thompson
    5 Paul Reeve

    L25 Polymer Modified support race
    1 Norm Gardner
    2 Bob Colleran
    3 Victor Feliciano
    4 Rick Carter
    5 Tony Mickles

    Brass Car Showcase
    1 Tim Miller
    2 Len Sabato
    3 Norm Gardner
    4 Tony Mickles
    5 Rick DeRosa

    Concours D'elegance
    1 Bob Dame
    2 Steve Carmichael
    3 Dave Craddock

    Best Appearing Race Car
    1 Tom Gray
    2 Pete Barclay
    3 Paul Ryer

    Best Marshall
    Merrell Todd

    Youngest Racer
    Phil LaQuatra Jr.

    Long Distance
    Mark MacVittie

    Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who participated in the 2011 HOPRA National Championships. This was definitely one of the best Nats yet.

    A huge thank you to all the track owners who allowed HOPRA to use their tracks for the Nats: Tom Shepherd, Noah Arroyo, Tony McWilliams and John "Zipper" Duda. A very special thanks to Zipp for letting all of us here in the greater Indy area the continuing privilege of using his "Lucky Dragon" track on an extended basis.

    Special thanks to Mrs. DeRosa for providing all the delicious cookies, brownies and, of course, her famous Oreo balls.

    Finally, I want to thank my lovely wife, Vicki, and our son, Andrew, who volunteered to prepare and serve lunch, drinks and snacks everyday of the event.


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