I really appreciated seeing the race results complete with tech sheet info - AND they were typed up, converted to PDF, and posted within MINUTES of every race!

I know that you were very busy with taking pictures, compiling & posting results, as well as helping out with the many other tasks at the raceway. I do not remember seeing your name even entered in any races, so I assume you did not race, but were there dedicated to help out.

I think we all know and realize that sometimes racers do not fill out their tech sheets correctly, and at times change equipment AFTER they fill out the tech sheet, or even during the race (motors, gears, tires, etc. - not chassis!).

I was impressed to see that MOST of the racers actually DID fill out the tech sheets!!! In many years, the tech sheets were rarely filled out, and often contained partial or silly joke items instead of the real equipment info (ie: I'm fairly certain that a couple racers did not actually use Aurora or Model Motoring controllers ). The manufacturers DO appreciate having their products represented by racers filling in the tech sheets - as it is good advertising for them, as well as of interest to other racers like us.

While it is nice if the tech inspector has time to check the tech sheets to ensure they are filled out completely & correctly, they are also hurrying to keep the line moving. By the time these sheets get to MG to type up, he certainly does not have time to go around and check to see if they are up to date or not.

I really liked having where the racer's are from listed as well. While I am familiar with many of the names, it is nice to know who is from where, especially at the Nats.

I know that you probably took a lot more pictures, MG, so once you have time to catch up on sleep, I hope you can get them uploaded to your web gallery, and post a link here so we can check them out. I have set up a Nats gallery here on OWH as well, if you would also like to share them on OWH.

GREAT JOB MG!!! Yes - we DO appreciate all your hard work.