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Thread: 2011 USRA Division II Nats Thank You Thread

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    2011 USRA Division II Nats Thank You Thread

    I am not sure if he was the originator but I remember Ron Van Wagnen starting threads in the past with the "thank you" comments that he forgot to make to the people at major events due to the confusion and heat of the moment that is a part and parcel of major slot car events.

    A non-all inclusive list of 2011 Nats thank you's from me are:

    Thank you to Roger and Laura Schmitt for being the Nats hosts and all of their behind the scenes work that was done prior to the event. People who don't know Roger as I do probably don't understand that any money made on this event will not go into his pocket- it will go into facility improvements and such benefiting the next event be it large or small. Roger has NEVER paid himself a salary for the 10-12+ hours 7 days a week that he has managed Mid-America Raceway and Hobbies. Any comments to the contrary are IMHO simply misinformed.

    Special thanks to Roger, Laura and the other volunteers who directed the races after our race director canceled due to an unavoidable personal commitment.

    Thank you to Michael Mazur for his volunteer efforts to develop the webcam system that we enjoyed for Nats coverage. I am sure that he invested some of his personal money to purchase software and hardware to make this happen.

    Thank you to our out of town visitors (racers and non-racers) who enjoyed the event; and thank you to the local racers who made the commitment to step up their program to a Nats level so that they could contend for podium positions. Some locals made the podium, some didn't; I am sure that everyone learned some priceless lessons that will improve their performance at Frank's next year.

    Special thanks to Jim Stevens for his help during the ES-24 race when I needed a right hand man to get things done in a timely manner so participants could finish the race and catch flights. It is worth noting that Jim drove 4+ hours one way and then 4+ hours back in the same day just to attend the ES-24 race and be available to help. This is the spirit and dedication I remember from the days when Jim and I raced together.

    Thank you to our sponsors who were responsible for the awards. It was decided to offer modest sized but attractive awards that could be packed, pass TSA inspections and also wouldn't break the sponsors bank balances. It is not obvious in the photos but they were printed using a special 3-D process that looks ultra cool. These awards will even stand out in Gawronski's vast collection.

    Special thanks to the Sponsors who were able to attend the Nats in person to present the awards. Please note the names of all the Nats sponsors and please offer them your support when buying parts and services for our hobby.

    Thank you to Rob Voska who was Roger's man Friday during the event. You're an OK dude- I don't care what they say about you.

    Thank you to the racers who showed up from Michigan that I raced with in the 70's and 80's that competed and helped out. I wish I had been able to spend more time with you but hopefully you will visit again soon.

    Thank you to the patience shown by the racers during the "fire alarm incident" that the raceway had no control over. Those of you who don't know what I am talking about can ask Paul G. as he was so focused he ripped off a TQ lap amongst the mayhem.

    Thank you to Paul Kassens for creating a Nats forum and for his tireless efforts to provide the OWH forums for racers and keyboard racers alike. Sometimes I feel that we don't appreciate Paul's dedication in the way that we should. Enough said.

    I am sure I am leaving a "thank you" out but I am tired from 5 solid days of Nats-related activity and I am not as young as I used to wuz. Sorry about that.
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    Thank YOU M G For all your Hard Work! (thats what she said)

    Seriously .Thanks for being there every day helping things run smoothly!

    Steve M.
    Cheeto Racing

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    Had a great time. Watched some great racing and learned a TON!!! My thanks go out to Mazur, Round Eye and Basil for helping me get my car ready Saturday. I think after watching you guys, I actually might be able to do it myself now, but just not in a time crunch, LOL. Mike, thanks, for pitting for me, it was a huge help, not to have to worry about that aspect of things.

    Congrats goes to all of our Saturday crew from Mid America, Steve, Allen, Round Eye, Dustin, Kevin, Mike, Kyle and of course who could forget Wally. If I forgot anyone, I am sorry. Alex, congrats on a great race. For 11 years old, you carried yourself well.

    Rodger, Laura and M.G. thanks for hosting a great event. I know you did not get much sleep, but hopefully you will catch up this week.

    It was nice meeting some of the out of town racers. Hope everyone made it home safe and had a good time. Who knows when our paths will cross again.

    Now, let's go racing!!! I am REALLY hooked now.

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    Thanks Laura ,Rodger and crew for a great event,I had a blast!!!!! Great racin',awsome shop and a chance to see some old friends and I made a bunch of new ones,ya can't beat that!! Hope to see all of ya next year.

    Frank S.


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