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Thread: Retro 4 Hour Enduro - June 25th, 2011

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    Retro 4 Hour Enduro - June 25th, 2011

    “The Rattlecan 4 Hour Pro-Am”

    • Date: June 25th, 2011
    • The Raceway – Melbourne, Florida

    • Event Schedule:
    • The Raceway will open at 8 AM
    • Hillclimb will be powered on all lanes until 9:45.
    • Tech Opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 9:45
    • “Rattlecan Concours” judging starts at 9:45
    • Racing starts at 10:00 AM

    The impetus of this event is to provide a FUN means of introducing new people to retro racing without them laying out a large expense. We are trying to build each team up with an experienced retro guy and a non retro or new retro racer.

    IRRA Can-Am Chassis rules http://www.irraslotracing.com/sitebu...nam-1.1.10.pdf to find them. Remember we are using the General Specifications, Chassis and Motor sections from these rules.

    Body – any IRRA approved GT-Coupe body.

    Drivers – all team members must drive at least 30 minutes.

    Teams – all teams are limited to a total of 8 drivers – all teams must pay $40 entry fee.

    Segments – will be 15 minutes of power on, no interruption. Racers must drive their cars in a manner that will afford them the best opportunity to win the race.

    Starting lane will be based on computer selection. No qualifying will be done.

    Lane changes – No working on cars during lane changes. The lane sticker is changed, the car is moved to the proper lane and perhaps body pins pushed in. No oiling, braid goop, braid straightening, cooling motors, etc. All maintenance will be done ‘on the clock’.

    Turn marshals – there will be 4 turn marshals at all times. 1 in the “Donut”, 1 in the “Deadman”, 1 in the “Finger” and 1 at the beginning of the top straight. A chart for Turn Marshal assignments will be provided.

    Both the body and chassis must be the original that started the race. Repairs can be made, but the body and chassis must be the same at the end as at the beginning.

    2 Box Plaques will be given to all teams entered.

    A medium, 2 topping pizza from Dominos will be provided to each team. Pizza will be delivered as race completes.

    Each team receives a total of 5 hours and 45 minutes of track time.

    During practice, only 1 team member may be on the track at any time.

    Awards – (2) 6 x 8 wall plaques for each team that finishes on the podium.

    “The Rattlecan Concours” award – a 6 x 8 wall plaque. To enter the contest, the body must be painted by a team member and the car should replicate a prototype that was raced. As the name implies, only spray cans may be used for painting the car. No airbrushing. Photos of the prototype are always helpful to prove what the original looked like. This contest will be judged by a very competent professional body painter.

    If you are interested in coming and racing with us, send a PM to me. Once I receive your team's payment of $40, your spot will be reserved.
    Florida Slotter, aka Marty Stanley,
    A "Double 60's" Slot Racer
    Killer X Raceways Team Racer

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    WOW, Not one reply over here?

    Who won...hahaha

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    Any pictures or report from this event?


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