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    Scale Auto parts

    I'm looking for scale auto crown gears. Part # sc 1100 through sc 1114.Does anybody know were I can purchase these gears.I haven't had much luck on the internet.thank You

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    ScaleAuto Parts can be had from 1/32 Slot Car. Check out this link: http://www.132slotcar.us/store/index.php

    He has EVERYTHING regarding 1/32 Plastic Cars.
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    SCX and Slot-IT inline gears are interchangable, although the tooth numbers are different color codes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramcatlarry View Post
    SCX and Slot-IT inline gears are interchangable, although the tooth numbers are different color codes.
    I'm not sure if you mean that SCX & Slot-It gears are interchangeable with Scale Auto gears - or just with each other??? (I'm not sure myself)

    Something important to be aware of - is that Scale Auto offers both 1/32 & 1/24 scale cars and parts - and also offers gears for either 3/32" and 3mm axles... as well as regular spurs for sidewinder in addition to anglewinder gears and crown gears for inline motor cars... so be sure you know which gears you need.


    I am not very familiar with the Scale Auto cars, as Alan only had a couple prototypes/sample cars when I was working at 132slotcar, so in the online store when I set it up there were only a few of the Scale Auto motors and parts.

    Alan Smith of www.scaleracing.com is now the North American distributor of Scale Auto, and he is also the owner of www.132slotcar.us, as well as Slot Car Illustrated 1/32 forums. (I set up and managed the 132slotcar.us online store, and ran raceway in Tacoma until a couple years ago)...

    I would recommend calling Alan to be sure you are getting the correct gears for your needs, as he will know the proper type and what gears are compatible. His cell number and the store number are on the web site. If Alan is not at the store, I believe Scott is working there now and he would also know. (1-888-774-3227 - store toll free order line, or 253-564-1445 - local number, 253-255-1807 - Alan's cell) I was looking for the phone numbers... and they're on my pen! (DOH!)

    EDIT: I just re-read your first post (DOH!) and from the part numbers you mentioned SC1100 - SC1114, that would indicate the inline crown gears for 2.5mm or 3/32" axles, as well as for 3mm axles... also an indication that you may already know what you need - just be sure to get the proper axle size!!!

    Looks like the 1/24 crown gears come in BOTH axle sizes, so that would be a factor. The smaller 1/32 gears, as Larry posted above, look like they should be compatible with SCX or Slot-It 2.5mm or 3/32" crown gears (other then color code). I have no idea why they didn't just split them into separate sections to help avoid confusion... - but 132slotcar does in fact have all of the Scale Auto (and SCX & Slot-It) gears available:

    SCALEAUTO Nylon crown gears for in-line cars:
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