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Thread: 2010-2011 ISRA/USA NE Rulebook

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    2010-2011 ISRA/USA NE Rulebook


    Race Day Procedures

    There will be no qualifying for 8 drivers or less; lane choice will be randomlyselected.
    If there are 9 or more drivers qualifying order will be randomly selected.
    Qualifying will be for 1 minute on a lane selected by the race director
    Overall ranking will be determined by the total laps and sections.
    Ties will be broken by the best lap time and then order of tech in.
    Any driver who misses their qualifying time will be ranked in last position.

    Every race will be run as a main starting with the slowest ending with the fastest.
    (I.e. C‐Main runs before the B‐Main, B‐Main runs before the A‐main.)
    If 11 or less entries a round robin will be run.
    If possible the number of drivers in each main will be equal, if not the mains will
    be filled from the slowest to the fastest.
    There will be a 2 minute warm‐up before each main.
    Each driver will race for 3 min. on each color in JRL & B‐Production.
    Each driver will race for 4 min. on each color in OPEN‐12 and Eurosport.
    All lane changes will be 1 minute intermissions.

    Drivers at the end of their main must marshal the next main or whenever called
    The number of marshals must be the same in each main.
    You WILL be disqualified for failure to marshal and will forfeit payout and points

    Track Calls
    For an unmarshalable car (I.e. in the middle of the straight in front of the drivers
    Under a bridge or on the floor in an area indirectly accessible.
    Becoming a rider
    A warning will be given for the first illegal track call and a 5 lap penalty for each
    successive call.

    After each main “A” drivers finishing position will be a result of the sum of the
    laps completed and the last lap sections. The number of laps made can only be a
    result of the lap counter; no lap correction is made for lane jumping (Riders) or
    missed counting due to the cars brain. The race director must check the lap
    counting system if there is a sustained problem. If a problem with the lap
    counter occurs, then the race director must rerun the current segment. If the lap
    counter fails to operate, the raceway must provide a spotter to count laps.

    Unsportsmanlike conduct is subject to 1st a warning and then a 10 lap penalty.
    There must be only 1 driver per car and only 1 car per driver.
    Any damage that would make the car illegal such as the loss of a major part of
    the body, interior, or a car dragging on the track surface must be repaired within
    3 laps. You will be black flagged after the 3rd lap (Power will be turned off on
    your lane)
    Cars will be impounded after qualifying. Cars may not be touched by driver or pit
    crew until the power comes on in warm up.
    Lane change is the driver’s responsibility. No compensation will be given for
    incorrect changing of lanes.
    Lane change cards will be required. Driver may receive 1 warning then a 1 lap
    penalty thereafter for not using a lane change card.

    Technical Specifications

    Maximum width excluding pins and tape is 3.269” (83MM)

    Rear Tires
    Must have maximum width.815” (20.mm). Exception: 1/24 Eurosport max width
    The rubber portion of the tire contacting the track surface must be black.

    Front Wheels
    Sticker front wheels which must resemble wheel and tire of real race car are
    legal for all classes minimum diameter .500” (13mm) Exception: JRL as specified
    in class rules
    If sticker fronts are not used front wheels must turn on their centers at 90
    degrees to the tracks surface and have black rubber / plastic perimeter.
    The loss of front wheel(s) during the course of a race will not be considered an

    Rear Clearance
    There is no minimum clearance
    Rear must be level or above the bottom of the chassis
    This rule will be strictly enforced in order to protect the track surface.

    No air control devices allowed, body bulletproofing that extend side dams will be
    considered air control
    The body must cover the whole chassis including the rear axle and guide flag,
    unless otherwise specified in class rules (see JRL)
    **Exceptions: Ears a front of chassis
    Must be fixed to the chassis with only pins or original MFG. Body clips
    Windows must be clear and all 4 wheels must be completely visible from the
    A number must be displayed in at least 3 different positions.
    Number must be a minimum of .25” high and are decals, vinyl, or painted from
    the inside.
    All cars must contain a painted and detailed (3 different colors) 3 dimensional
    driver with the helmet, shoulders, arms and steering wheel mounted in the
    original cockpit position.
    Interior must cover the entire cockpit opening.
    The body must not deviate from its original form as produced by the MFG.
    Body must be opaque when viewed from the top and sides except for wheel
    openings or other openings which represent actual openings on the real car.
    Wheel openings may be cut out +.063 (I.e. ½” front wheels can have 9/16”
    Diaplanes may be trimmed off the front of the body


    Car must maintain body and chassis presented at tech all other parts may be


    KELLY‐ Pro‐Slot FX Chassis (all varieties)
    PARMA‐ Flexi 1 and Flexi 2 (may interchange pans and use Parma Hot‐wing) Flexi
    3 (with any Flexi 3 pan), Flexi‐4 and Flexi 5.
    CHAMPION‐ Turbo Flex, Astro Flex, (may use aluminum pans)
    JK‐ Cheetah (may use light weight pans), Cheetah 7(may mix & match pans &
    center sections; may reverse pans), all versions of Scorpion, all versions of
    Cheetah 11 and X series chassis (C11 and X may mix & match parts)
    MOSSETTI‐ Titan & Titan SS
    The chassis may not be cut and cannot be bent from its original shape
    **Exceptions: may grind motor bracket for gear clearance
    Pan movement may be increased or decreased.
    Front wheel towers may be trimmed.
    Rear axle vertical location may be changed
    Nothing else may be added to the chassis if not mentioned in the list below:
    Lead may be taped or glued to the chassis.
    Pin tubes may be added in the orig. Body mounting holes and can be
    floating or fixed to the chassis.
    Rear oilites may be soldered to the chassis.
    Motor may be soldered to the chassis (screws are optional).
    Chassis may be braced with no more than 3” of up to .062” diameter
    piano wire.
    May add commercially available guide tongue reinforcement
    tape may be applied.
    Lead wire retainer may be used.

    Jk ‐ Porsche (7178), Audi R8c (7182), Bentley (7197), Mercedes Clr (7183),
    Peugeot Hd1 (7213)
    Parma‐ Mercedes Clk (1019), Porsche 911 Gt1 (1001), Porsche Gt‐1(1045),
    Mercedes Gt‐1(1044)
    O/S‐ Porsche Gti (082), Audi R8c (285), Bentley Exp (286), Porsche Evo (287)
    Red Fox‐ Bentley, Porsche, Audi R8
    G‐Force‐ Porsche (006), Audi (007)

    Option 1: c‐can based motor. Koford, Viper, RJR, Mura, Proslot, Kamen, Kelley,
    Cahoza, Bow and b52.
    May notch cans and magnets for axle clearance.
    May drill 1 small hole per side to ease magnet installation.
    Single piece full height c‐can magnets may epoxy or super glue magnets in place.
    May interchange mfg parts. After market aluminum e/b are specifically legal.
    Super wasp, stinger, hornet, sportsman, contender, challenger & competitor
    tagged.510 diameter min.
    Option 2: super 16‐d motors
    any 16d setup must use super 16‐d magnets dm2 magnets are legal.
    Minimum stack length .490.
    Along with option 1 & 2 the following are legal:
    any springs * shunt wire & spring insulation.
    Ball bearings in motor allowed.


    Mack, Mossetti, FX, Clark, H&R.
    Parma‐ Flexi 1 853 (May Substitute Flexi 2 Center 595b).
    Jk‐ Indy Car / F1 Chassis 2690 And 2692, Cheetah 2511, Cheetah 7 F‐1 Chassis.
    Champion‐ Turbo Flex, Astro Flex with Narrow Pans.
    Jrl Top Suspension Piece May Be Bent To Ease Body Mounting.
    Stamped Steel Chassis May Add Any Type Of Piano Wire Bracing.
    Pin Tubes May Be Added & Chassis May Be Braced.
    Ball Bearings Are Allowed (Not Required).
    Pan Movement May Be Increased or Restricted.
    Front Wheels Must Be At Least .600” In Diameter and At Least
    .300” Wide.
    3/32 Minimum Front Axle Diameter on Spring Steel Chassis.
    **Exception: Mack Chassis .063 Minimum.
    No Other Modifications Will Be Allowed.

    Any 1/24 scale Indy /f1 production body.
    Chassis must be completely covered when viewed from above; except for the
    front wheel assembly and rear wheels, tires, gear and rear most portion of side

    See b‐production rules.
    Rear axle ball bearings are legal.


    Axle ball bearings are legal.

    Jk‐ Cadillac 7185, BMW Lmr 7184, Courage 7195, Ascari 7200, Lister 7202,
    Porsche Rs Spyder 7203, Lola B05 7204, Mazda Courage 7205, Audi R10 7206.
    Parma‐ Porsche K8 941, Mg Lola 1083, Dome 1048.
    O/S‐ BMW 065, Cadillac 289.
    Red Fox‐ Cadi, Acura Rfsc40 and Audi R‐10 (Rfsc 37).
    G‐Force‐ Prophet Gf002.

    C‐can based motor‐ Koford, Kelley, Viper, RJR, Mura, Pro Slot, Cahoza, BOW, B52
    and Kamen cans are legal.
    May notch cans and magnets for axle clearance.
    May drill 1 small hole per side to ease magnet installation.
    Single piece full height c‐can magnets.
    May epoxy or super glue magnets in place.
    May interchange mfg. Parts. Aftermarket aluminum endbells are specifically
    X‐12 arm .510 minimum diameter.
    Shunt wire is legal.
    Spring insulation is legal.
    Any springs.
    Ball bearings in motor allowed.

    1/24 Eurosport


    **Exception: Red Fox Acura RFSC40 and Red Fox Audi R‐10 (RFSC 37) Bodies

    No restrictions

    The rulebook in pdf format is attached below!
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