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Thread: DT Hobbies closing

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    DT Hobbies closing

    I just got word that dt hobbies has been notified that they must leave the Hanover Mall by the 28 of August. I wish them the best and hope the reopen.

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    hey guy's good luck..

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    Sorry to hear that

    If there is anything i can do for you let me know.I feel sure this will only be for a short while.

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    DT Hobbies is closed but the Racing will continue.

    We were recently given very short notice in the termination of our lease with The North Hanover Mall and forced to temporarily close. The Nascar and Sports collectible side of the store will reopen in October directly across from the original location of DT Hobbies. As for the RC and Slotcar side, we are in the process of finding a new location to open ASAP. For all our Slotcar racers we will continue racing at a temporary location on a newly resurfaced and rebraided 14' x 28' oval. The temporary Raceway will be opening this Sunday Sept. 4 at 11am. I will be contacting all of our current racers this week about racing this Sunday. Anyone else interested in joining us please feel free to contact me don74@adelphia.net

    Thanks to everyone who has supported the Raceway in the past 5 years.
    Donnie, Amy, and Connor

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    Update and Race Results

    UPDATE on DT Hobbies, we are going to be looking at 3 locations this upcoming week to move the tracks to.

    As for racing we ran this past sunday Sept. 4 with 9 drivers on the oval. We ran FCR Nascar, Late Model, Street Stocks and Legends.

    Thanks to all who supported us.

    FCR Nascar:
    Joe Shiflett 426
    Ed Crawl 416
    Carl Calhoun 416
    Bob Heatterich 413
    Bob Rodgers 402
    Steve Reese 400
    Bob Sier 374
    Paul Metzger 364 First time oval racer
    Les Randler 363

    Late Model:
    Joe Shiflett 540
    Ed Crawl 537
    Bob Rodgers 524
    Paul Metzger 472
    Bob Sier 425
    Bob Heatterich 424
    Steve Reese 410
    Carl Calhoun 91

    Street Stocks:
    Ed Crawl
    Joe Shiflett
    Donnie Teal
    Carl Calhoun
    Bob Rodgers
    Bob Sier
    Les Randler
    Steve Reese
    Bob Heatterich
    Sorry I forgot to write down the total laps for Street Stocks, I didn't get a chance to hook up the printer yet.

    Joe Shiflett 466
    Bob Rodgers 455
    Bob Sier 420
    Steve Reese 410
    Les Randler 362
    Bob Heatterich 204

    Next sunday we will be racing Indy, 4.5" Truck, Late Model, and Street Stock.

    Thanks again for everyone who came out.
    Donnie, Amy, and Connor


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