Thanks to all who came out to make the inaugural IRRL race a success.

Special thanks to my wife Jackie, for baking brownies, and being a "Jackie-of-all trades" during the race.

Also, to Ken Swanson for coming by with donuts despite not being able to hang around to race.

And of course, Manta Ray Price, for his usual terrific help behind the counter along with lending out cars and providing pit help.

Howie TQ'ed with a nice 4.626, almost a full tenth ahead of me with a 4.724.

In the "C", Rob and Graham swapped the lead back and forth, and both moved up with 268 laps. Roger hung close, but with finishing on Purple and Black, fell 2 laps short of running down either of the leaders.

Mike R had a fairly dominating run to take the "B". KVP was fast. A 32 on Black kept him from seriously challenging Mike, but still held off a
hard charging Chuck Gambo for the last move-up to the "A".

Howie had a solid run to win the "A". A little bit of traffic the 2nd heat on Green, dropped him to 2nd for a short time, but he put the hammer down on Blue and Purple to take control of the race.
With only 6 racers on the track at the end, Mike R charged hard, running a super-nice 292 lap pace the last 4 heats, but fell a lap short from catching Howie, who had built up a big enough lead, to put it on cruise at the last few heats.
Rick Davis, in his first race at C/R, ran 5-36 lap heats to take the last podium spot.

L-R Rick Davis(3rd), Howie Ursaner(1st), Mike Reniger(2nd)

Mike R(L),Howie(R) Rick Davis's car was already packed away at picture time for his long ride back to the Detroit area.

Howie-3rd Eye controller, JK Ti22 body, Richie Austin chassis,Parma crown, ARP pinion, Red Fox guide, Alpha rears, JK fronts
Mike R- DiFalco(?), JK Ti22, JK,Parma 28T, ARP 7T, Red Fox, JK, JK
Rick D- Rudduck D-40, O/S Ti22, Davis, Parma, ARP 7T,Red Fox,JK, Davis

Sano Dave had his new F1 Z-Railer, Lotus 49B flying. He TQ'ed with a
4.767, easily ahead of Howie's 4.856.

John Miller ran away with "B" main. Chuck also easily moved up to the "A".

After a couple rough heats with traffic in the finger, Sano Dave ran 5-35's and a 36 to dominate the "A" Main.
While Sano ran great on Black with his new car, Howie and I took turns burning braid, to give Sano a comfortable cushion at the end.

L-R Mike Swiss(2rd), Sano Dave Fiedler(1st), Mr. Big Stuff/Howie Ursaner(3rd)

L-R Mike(2nd), Sano(1st), Howie(3rd)

Sano's winning car is on the right.
Sano Dave-3rd Eye controller, O/S Lotus 49B, Sano Z-Rail chassis,Parma 27T crown, ARP 7T pinion, Red Fox guide, JK rears, Chicagoland fronts
Mike-3rd Eye, Red Fox Ferrari, Hiorns/Swiss Z-Rail, Parma 27T, ARP 7T,
JK,JK 8713P, Chicagoland
Howie-3rd Eye, O/S Lotus 49B, Howie/JK, Parma 27T, ARP 7T,Red Fox, Alpha, JK