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Thread: Check out the NEW Old Weird Herald Web Site!!!

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    Check out the NEW Old Weird Herald Web Site!!!

    Well... it's been in the works as a spare time project for about a year now... but the all new Old Weird Herald web site is finally launched - live and online!


    These past few weeks I have been working day & night to finally get it ready to launch, and just when I had it ready to roll out the red carpet... I broke something, and thought I was going to have to completely rebuild it. After completely reinstalling the whole thing at least 3 times, I finally figured out what was wrong and got it fixed!

    We'll still have OWH Slot Car Talk for all the benefits a forum has to offer, but it's also nice to have a main web site where articles and resources can be more easily found, that wind up getting lost or buried on a forum.

    The new web site is powered by Wordpress, which makes it easy to update and maintain, plus offers tons of whistles and bells, plugins and widgets, to add features and functions as well. It makes navigation and reading much more ore organized, while automating all the geek stuff, making my life just a little simpler.

    It also serves as a hub for various resources of OWH, so they are much easier to find and use:

    Old Weird Herald - for articles, resources, and info.

    OWH Slot Car Gallery - tons of photos of slot cars, tracks, race events, and racers.

    OWH Slot Car Raceway Directory - an all new revamped Raceway Directory! Now with added features, like category based search, so you can narrow down your search by scale preference, or to find drag or club tracks.

    OWH Slot Car Talk - Slot car forums - still under the separate roof, but right next door just a click away.

    Please check out the NEW Old Weird Herald web site, and take it for a spin!


    It's far from done, with much more to come, but the groundwork is done, with much more cool stuff in the works.

    While you're at it, if you like what you see, and if you enjoy checking in on the OWH Slot Car Talk forums for slot car news, info, and socializing with fellow slot car enthusiasts, then please consider hitting the ol' "Donate" button and making a contribution towards helping keep Old Weird Herald and Slot Car Talk online.

    The server bill is due every month, and there are still many software and hardware items on my wish list that are needed to continue to maintain and grow the web site. While I'm living on peanuts for pesos here in the islands, I truly enjoy sharing my slot car hobby with fellow enthusiast here online... Unfortunately my server hosting company is operating under a slightly different economic model - and back on a much steeper side of the exchange rate. They still like to get paid in American $.

    Please help support Old Weird Herald & Slot Car Talk by making a donation today. Consider it as a subscription or dues - and as always any and all contributions are greatly needed and appreciated!

    Just hit the "Donate" button on the right sidebar on the main page, or at the bottom of the forums.

    Thanks to all who contribute, and let me know what you think of the new web site!

    Paul Kassens
    Old Weird Herald / Slot Car Talk
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    Congrats on the new website. Drats.... Now I'll have to update mine :^).... jf
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    Looks good Paul!! I took a brief perusal when you first posted.
    Guy Middleton
    Everything I was taught in Engineering school I had already learned from slot cars....

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