View Poll Results: How much time do you spend working on slot cars?

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  • Almost never... I drag out the box & dust & derust the cars when I get the urge to play.

    3 4.05%
  • About once per season. I usually build up the fleet for each new season of racing.

    0 0%
  • Monthly - I mainly participate in monthly race events, and thrash to get ready before each race.

    9 12.16%
  • Weekly - I usually spend a day or two cleaning up and repairing cars for local weekly racing.

    18 24.32%
  • Last minute thrasher! I only work on my stuff when I get to the track!

    4 5.41%
  • Who me??? I have no time to work on my stuff! I pay somebody else to do it!

    3 4.05%
  • Three or more days per week. Working on the cars is a big part of the hobby!

    19 25.68%
  • Daily! I thrash on cars nearly every day! I either love it, or feel it is necessary to win!

    18 24.32%
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Thread: How much time do you spend working on slot cars?

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    depends on the race type, local grp 27 club race - 1 motor prob for 3 races, - ran the same body for about 8 races - I do replace lead wires each race - and clean chassis - about 1 hours work. Nats level grp 27 - fresh motors, new bodies - reb - about 6 hours. Grp 7 much the same except more like 10 hours.

    retro - build - race till it stops - fix - 10 minutes per race. Unless on a development plan trying to extract more -

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    I've barely even started, but between maintaining the Thumper cars for my kids, and
    my son's and my NASCAR, plus refurbishing used stuff I bought on eBay (Tonight, my
    wife & daughter are getting a couple of NASCARS I just finished going through for
    Valentine's day - a turbo flex that was rusted and abused, and a flexi 2 that just needed
    to be cleaned up, checked for flatness and upgraded a bit).

    Being on a tight budget means I have to be thrifty (lots of eBay scanning for good deals
    on older neglected & abused stuff) and innovative (I have a brass door kickplate that will
    become part of my retro Can-Am car soon - and the metal flag staves on those little
    colorful flags that are used for marking sprinkler locations make beautiful straight &
    stiff 1/16 piano wire!). Lucas Power Steering Stopleak and an empty nose spray bottle
    make a great tire conditioner - my local track is out of the real stuff. Vacuum formed
    plastic packaging makes good material for reinforcing bodies! And I have revived some
    severely beat up nascar & womp bodies. But it all takes time.

    So I spend a lot of time on our stuff just bringing it up to initial functional condition.
    In other words, I'm spending time instead of money. Someday I may buy a fancy
    new high tech car or controller, but for now, used and slightly obsolete stuff
    combined with elbow grease has let me get back into the hobby I only
    tinkered with as a kid (about 40 years ago, & again about 30 years ago).

    I hope to eventually do a lot less working on our slot cars - I have let a lot
    of projects around the house slide recently.

    I really do enjoy working on the slot cars when I can take my time, but trying
    to fit it in between everything else makes it frustrating when things take longer
    than they should (like getting solder inside the pin tubes when installing them - ugh!)

    As a kid, I had more time than money. Now, I have less time.

    But I'm having fun... right?
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    I agree w mic's statement 100%!
    2nd place is the first looser!

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    according to my wife way too much!

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