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Thread: Does anyone use the JK Cheetah 7 chassis?

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    Does anyone use the JK Cheetah 7 chassis?

    Pretty much the topic title, I was curious if anyone ran this chassis anymore. If so, what makes it good after all this time. I was told its a pretty old chassis. I am brand new to the slot car scene, so sorry if this sounds dumb haha.

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    I can build cheetah 7s to approach the performance of c21 but it takes alot of work.
    To get some extra performance you need to get the whole chassis flat including the pans.
    The c21 is by far the strongest.
    The c11 x24, and x25 are faster.

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    I would suggest you start out with a JK C21 like this.


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    In 4.5" Nascar and truck classes, the C7 is the preferred chassis (the Champion Turbo Flex is in with a chance and may be easier for the newbie to run).

    In the 4" classes (pretty much everything else) the C11/21/24/25 are better with the C21 being, as mentioned, the strongest. As far as outright speed... it's more of a case of the proper chassis for the track/motor/body used.
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    we have a class where we can only run steel stamped chassis,i use the 7 exclusively on our flat track,with the pans reversed a gram of weight on each ear it out handles the rear heavy champion.and is lighter.a tip, that chassis does not hold solder well,so solder the motor in well!remove the plating and tin well.also use a cutdown guide
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